Clear Mountain Lodge & Spa

Clear Mountain Lodge & Spa, just 30 minutes outside Brisbane CBD. Photo: G Pengelly
Clear Mountain Lodge & Spa, just 30 minutes outside Brisbane CBD. Photo: G Pengelly
Clear Mountain Lodge & Spa, just 30 minutes outside Brisbane.

Clear Mountain Lodge & Spa, just 30 minutes outside Brisbane.

The basics

Mercure Clear Mountain Lodge Spa and Vineyard

564 Clear Mountain Rd, Clear Mountain

P: 07 3298 5100



Cost: This is one of the few hotels which seems to offer its best rate on its own website. A standard room starts at about $111 a night for a two-night stay, and from $159-$199 for a single night. Spa suites start at $219, and breakfast for two adds $40 to the room rate.

There are 53 rooms and suites in the lodge, each with a small balcony and expansive views.

The room

On the fringe of suburbia, the lodge has been around for a while but recently came under the Mercure banner. Rooms are shaped similar to a typical hotel room, with one glaring difference – a small balcony which overlooks the vast waterways of Pine Rivers, including Lake Samsonvale.

First impressions are that the rooms are a little worn, but they are clean and fittings are modern. They were built with an eco-feel in mind and the grey colour scheme fits neatly with the surrounding environment.

There’s a small cupboard, desk, mini bar and Foxtel. There are also scheduled movies. There is a spa in some rooms, which sit under a shower in the bathroom.

The Food

Despite being just 30 minutes from the heart of suburbia, this resort is at the top of Clear Mountain, which means it makes some sense to make use of the 360-degree views at the on-site restaurant, Mandy’s on the Mountain.

Steaks from the grill are the specialty, but there are some creative options with crispy skin chicken or snapper, and a popular lamb dish with slow roasted onion, garlic and orange.

Most people who see the deconstructed rocky road trundled from the kitchen find it hard to resist. It’s a board with white chocolate snow, dark chocolate mousse, rhubarb jelly, rose water marshmellow and fresh honeycomb. Yum.

Breakfast is standard smorgasbord fare, again complemented by the surrounding view which stretches out to Moreton Bay. And some of the ingredients come from the on-site herb garden.

The Activities

People react to a busy work week in different ways. Taking it out on a tennis ball is one. Lying back in a spa another. A massage, a good book, sitting by the fireplace, swimming laps in a large pool or running it out on the treadmill – all options are at Clear Mountain.

There are also grapes. Not many grapes, but the same type generally used to make wine. And there is wine, in plentiful supply behind the bar which services a central lounge.

While it’s possible to escape the peak of the mountain, it’s better to stay in and unwind. That’s the intention of this set-up – right down to a zen garden.

The Weekend

There has been a focus in the past six months to get the service right here, particularly in the restaurant. And it seems to be working.

Rooms at Clear Mountain Lodge are well maintained, but much the same as they were some years ago. There is also a little bit of renovation going on, albeit not visible to any of the rooms.

The resort has two clear winners – the views, from the rooms, pool and on-site day spa, and the proximity to the city. It’s a way to escape the hustle and bustle without having to go too far.

This story Clear Mountain Lodge & Spa first appeared on The Sydney Morning Herald.