VIDEO: Hunter UFO sightings continue

A HUNTER family captured video footage of what appears to be the same mysterious UFO that was featured in yesterday’s Newcastle Herald.

And a Mayfield reader has submitted a photograph of another strange image captured on Monday night.

Sceptical astronomer Col Maybury believed the image was most likely caused by a camera glitch.

Whatever it was, it surprised visiting worker Curt Holmes, who was shooting photos of bats outside his motel at Mayfield at the time when the image materialised.

‘‘The weird thing is that it was only when I downloaded the image from my work camera to the laptop that I saw it,’’ he said. ‘‘I was outside with a few mates and none of us saw anything other than the bat when I took the pictures.

‘‘There is nothing like it in the photos I took either side of the same tree.’’

Mr Holmes, who says the moon was behind him when he was taking photographs,  sent his picture to the Herald on Monday night before the paper had published yesterday’s story.

That story recounted the experience of the Hardy family of Belmont, who photographed a row of bright lights in the sky on Friday night. 

They also told of seeing a bright blue light that moved quickly in several directions and changed colour to red.

Yesterday, the Herald was alerted to a YouTube video that had been posted by another Belmont family and filmed on the night of September 30.


With sound of the family talking as they watch, a blue globe – similar to the object that was described yesterday by  Richard Hardy –  is seen hanging stationary in the sky before moving north over a lit skyline.

While the object is blue for the length of the 1 minute and 25 seconds of footage, a voice is heard talking about it having turned from red to blue.

Some people suggested the light was from an aircraft or was the planet Venus.

Those who have seen the video have pointed out that Venus does not traverse the sky at a rate of knots.

The mystery, as they say, continues.

■ A QUARTER of Newcastle Herald readers say they have seen a UFO.

UNEXPLAINED: This image was captured by Curt Holmes while photographing bats at Mayfield on Monday night.

UNEXPLAINED: This image was captured by Curt Holmes while photographing bats at Mayfield on Monday night.

A total of 1450 people responded to our online poll following our report yesterday on a family’s experience with an unidentified flying object over Belmont.

While 25.9per cent of respondents said they had seen a UFO, a further 41.9per cent said they believed that there was other life ‘‘out there’’.

Almost 14per cent of people said they did not believe in UFOs while 18.3per cent had yet to be convinced one way or the other.


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