'UFO' in Knights colours

Cartoon by Peter Lewis
Cartoon by Peter Lewis

A ‘‘red and blue’’ UFO very similar to the one filmed over Belmont late last year has been seen by a couple from Cameron Park.

Murray Wadsworth said he was watering his front lawn  about 8.15 on Tuesday night when he saw ‘‘a shooting star’’ moving from north to south in the westerly sky.

‘‘It was overhead like a fast shooting star and then it started to curve back up into the sky and turned blue and then red and blue again,’’ Mr Wadsworth said.

‘‘It sort of danced around, up and down, and then it went below the trees and I lost sight of it.’’

Mr Wadsworth said he was watching the object for long enough to call his wife out to see it as well, but neither took a photograph.

In November last year the Newcastle Herald  reported on similar sightings at Belmont, looking west over Lake Macquarie.

One sighting in September was caught on video, in which a moving blue light is clearly visible, while those watching describe it as having changed colour from red.

Sceptics dismissed those sightings as a toy helicopter with bright LED lights and Mr Wadsworth said his wife had a similar reaction.

‘‘My wife said it must have been a toy helicopter or something like that but it was too high, too fast and too bright,’’ Mr Wadsworth said. ‘‘No toy could move like that.

‘‘There has to be a rational explanation, I’m a total sceptic, but whatever that was, it was too fast to have been an aeroplane.’’ 


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