Two men shot as they slept in Jesmond: video

The man accused of shooting two men in a Jesmond home on Sunday was refused bail on Monday. 

Barry Keven Pobje, 31, did not seek bail during an appearance in Newcastle Local Court on Monday morning.

It was formally refused. 

THEY went to sleep with their boyfriends by their sides and woke to a nightmare.

Two sisters are attempting to grapple with the allegation that one of their former partners has broken into a Jesmond home as they slept and shot both of their boyfriends in the head, leaving one fighting for his life and the other with multiple bullet wounds.

The family of Luke Convery, 21, were remaining by his side in intensive care last  night hoping for a miracle after he was shot once in the head as he slept on the couch with his 21-year-old girlfriend, Rebecca Rook.

The .22 calibre bullet has lodged behind one of his eyes and he was on life support last night.

‘‘It was a last-minute thing, they just popped in to say ‘Hi’ and ended up staying,’’ Mr Convery’s grandmother, Sue Convery, said.

‘‘He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.’’

James Myers, 30, was seriously injured after he was shot up to four times as he lay in bed with Natasha Cameron, Ms Rook’s elder sister and the former partner of the alleged shooter, Barry Pobje.

Mr Pobje, 31, was arrested in nearby Lambton not long afterwards, allegedly still in possession of the .22 calibre pump action rifle and a folding knife.

It is alleged the rifle was out of ammunition.

He was later charged with a range of offences, including attempted murder, and was refused bail to appear in Newcastle Local Court on Monday.

Both sisters, as well as a two-year-old girl who was also in the house, escaped without physical injury.

‘‘My information is they are very upset by what has gone on and that is very understandable with the gravity of the situation,’’ Inspector Bruce McGregor said.

Police said the four adults and young girl were asleep inside the Coles Street weatherboard house when the gunman is alleged to have broken in about 2.20am.

Mr Convery’s family said the former Booragul High School student and his girlfriend had spent the day visiting the historic Maitland Gaol and enjoying the sunshine before they stopped by Ms Rook’s older sister’s home.

They had planned to head home themselves, but instead decided to sleep together on a couch in the  lounge room.

Inspector McGregor said Mr Convery was believed to be the first to be shot in the head, possibly still as he slept, with his young partner also asleep next to him.

It is alleged the gunman  then walked to a bedroom, turned the light on and shot Mr Myers up to four times, including in the head.

Mr Myers may have woken following the initial shot, but was still in bed. 

Mr Convery was formally listed as being in a critical condition and Mr Myers was serious but stable.

Both are in John Hunter Hospital.

Sue Convery said doctors had told her family that ‘‘the news was not good’’ but they remained hopeful.

‘‘He is a great kid, he would do anything for anyone,’’ Mrs Convery said.

 ‘‘He was sleeping when it happened, so hopefully he didn’t feel anything.’’

Aunty Donna Convery said if her nephew survived, she would ‘‘kick him up the arse and not let him out of my sight’’.

‘‘I thought he was going to die, he still might yet we don’t know. It’s touch and go,’’ she said.

‘‘That’s the lowest act ever, to do that to somebody while they’re asleep.’’

It is understood Ms Cameron and Mr Pobje had ended a relationship last year.

 Both women were too distraught to speak yesterday.


THEY say they begrudgingly put up with the odd burglar, thief and window breaker.

But not a double shooting.

The residents of Jesmond woke yesterday to news that a gunman had allegedly climbed through a window and shot two men as they slept.

Early morning dog walkers were joined by the curious, as some neighbours needed several wipes of their eyes to remove the sleep and allow the reality of what had occurred to sink in.

‘‘What we wake up to on a Sunday morning,’’ said Calvin Debeutz, who lives only a couple of doors down from the shooting. ‘‘ ... We don’t actually mind living here, it is not a bad place to live.

‘‘But only the other day someone was telling us about a guy that was hijacked as he was pulling into his driveway and I was like ‘wow, that’s crazy’.

‘‘I only thought this happened in Africa where I grew up.’’

Another neighbour, Leanne Seaton, said her family never heard a thing following the 2.20am shooting.

‘‘I can’t believe it,’’ she said.

‘‘This happens on the TV. A couple of doors down is just terrifying.’’

A man walking his dog along Coles Street stopped to quiz police about the early morning incident, before walking off shaking his head.

‘‘We get our fair share of crime, a motorbike stolen here or there or some vandalism,’’ he said. ‘‘But this has totally taken it to a new level.’’