Merewether baths re-open after $4m upgrade

THE baths are back.

Merewether’s iconic ocean baths re-opened Thursday morning, after its $4 million upgrade was finished well ahead of schedule.

A crowd of about 30 keen swimmers waited at the entrance of the pools before it was officially opened at 9am, and wasted no time getting wet.

One lark amongst the first to take a dip remarked that the council had ‘‘forgot to turn the temperature up’’.

Vikki Tombleson, from Merewether, said she learnt to swim at the baths in the late nineteen fifties and still comes to the pool most days.

She said she had been waiting "eagerly" for it to open again.

"I don't always swim, but it's a beautiful pool and it's a wonderful asset for us to have," she said.

"I'm so happy to see so many people here using it."

A council cleaner showed up at 3am on Thursday to turn the new and faster pumps on, and the baths were well filled by the time the swimmers were in the water.

While the baths are now open, the council said new pumps are still in a commissioning period so the baths might need to be closed temporarily at times to test and refine the new equipment.