LETTER: Put people before profit

HOW many more villages must be sacrificed to an industry with a limited future?

 A village is not only buildings to be relocated. 

It is the community, a living continuation of history.

 This was brought home to me when I launched the Bulga Progress Association’s wonderful History of Bulga book last year, chronicling its past and present.

 The association then, as now, was engaged in their ongoing fight to uphold the justice granted to the village, twice. 

I could only hope there would be a future for Bulga.

 This government legislated to ensure that justice cannot again be delivered on the side of health and water, community and environment. What price democracy?

They have shamefully enshrined that profit must come before people and planet.

 This has led to the further shame of cold-bloodedly contemplating the extinction of a community.

 No jobs are worth our becoming such a callous society.

 But they are not even secure, or long-term jobs. 

Any jobs gained here could be canned by Rio Tinto tomorrow if it suited them.

We need Bulga to be saved, or despair of democracy.

Sharyn Munro,

Upper Lansdowne


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