TOPICS: Bit rough when having to fish long-distance

Bill with Alison, and a long way back from the action.
Bill with Alison, and a long way back from the action.

 TO give you an idea how rough the sea has been, here’s salty seadog Bill (pictured) fishing from the steps in front of Merewether Surf House yesterday morning.

Christ, be careful. He’s nearly in the car park. According to Alison Stewart, also in shot, a hefty bream was flipping around in Bill’s bucket.

Dr Stuart Edser with his partner Chris May. Picture Ryan Osland

Dr Stuart Edser with his partner Chris May. Picture Ryan Osland

IF you think about one thing today, says Stuart Edser, think about how being gay –  doesn’t mean a person gets the bronze medal in life. They’re just as worthy of the gold.

Today is IDAHO Day – International Day Against Homophobia – and Dr Edser, Lambton psychologist and author of Being Gay Being Christian, still sees a lot of frightened people.

‘‘I’d like to remind people that we live in a world that’s very diverse,’’ he says.

‘‘We’re not cookie-cutter clones of each other, and nor should we be.’’

Newcastle Library, where Dr Edser was a guest yesterday, will featured the Outing Disability portrait exhibition, of people of all abilities and orientations, until the end of June.

WHETHER by accident or mischief, the tale of sparkie Tony Stavropolous buying the Olympic rings that lit up the Sydney Harbour Bridge (Newcastle Herald, May 15) ran on the same page as an ad for Audi ... whose logo has four rings.  

That brought  the page total to nine rings. Thanks to Anne Cheetham, of Lemon Tree Passage, for pointing it out.

In one of our loosely related anecdotes, Australian batsman Mark Waugh’s four successive noughts on a tour of Sri Lanka in the ’90s earned him the nickname ‘‘Audi’’.

Supportive teammates pointed out that, had the series been a Test longer, he was odds-on to be renamed ‘‘Olympic’’. He soon reverted to ‘‘Afghanistan’’ (the forgotten Waugh), and later, the less-inspired ‘‘Junior’’.

 Feel the burn

  NSW Parliament dished out more burns this week than an RFS brigade (Topics, May 13-15), so an email from ‘‘Andrew Fraser, Assistant Speaker, Member for Coffs Harbour (Paradise)’’ made Topics tense. 

The subject line read: ‘‘Jodi McKay’’. Would this be another burn on the former Newcastle, current Strathfield member, who Mr Fraser has dubbed ‘‘Strathcastle’’?

Or was he about to burn us? Please don’t burn us, we mouthed silently, clicking the email.

Mr Fraser didn’t want to burn anyone, it turned out, except Joe Tripodi, the Labor ‘‘factional warlord’’ who dudded Ms McKay.

‘‘With her vast knowledge of Newcastle and its people and still being interested in Newcastle’s future, Jodi had to settle [for] being parachuted into Strathfield,’’ continued Mr Fraser. 

‘‘As a former Novocastrian, I can understand her loyalty. Therefore, I thought it quite relevant to nickname her ‘the member for Strathcastle’ but if she prefers, we could always make it ‘the member for Newfield’.’’

Well there you go. She might prefer neither.

EIGHTY women who work as coaches, canteen managers, financial officers and a hundred other things for junior rugby league teams will be put up in a private box at Hunter Stadium tomorrow, including some from flood-ravaged Dungog.

The tab is on power retailer Red Energy, which has signed Danny Buderus as ‘‘ambassador’’. Here’s hoping they get some pampering and the Knights beat the Tigers.

  ‘‘FOR those about to have a spray at Alex Mckinnon. How about you take a deep breath, grab a cuppa & put your phone down.’’

– Kurt Fearnley on Twitter this week, on the prospect of the wheelchair-bound former Knight suing the NRL.

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