Bizarre happenings on a lonely road at night

ON a lonely road in the middle of the night stands a strange looking man, appearing to almost hide his face, as he forces cars to slow down before charging at their doors and screaming.

Welcome to the real-life horror story for some frightened motorists travelling just outside of Cessnock on Sunday morning.

A tale of terror that may have been put down to another urban myth without the dashboard camera of one motorist whose startling ordeal quickly went viral on social media.

The man was travelling along Lake Road near Kearsley when he approached the Kearsley Selections Road about 1.30am and sees a four-wheel drive blocking the intersection and the man standing with suspected intent.

The motorist slows as the man slowly approaches, before turning his head away.

As the car almost stops, the man lunges and yells but the motorist steps on the gas and speeds away.

His dashcam records the encounter, although its time recording was an hour forward, and he is forced to try and call his wife, who is travelling about a minute behind with a girlfriend.

He can’t reach her, and the girls are forced to encounter the same horror show.

‘‘I almost stopped before I could go around this guy, and as we went past he just lunged at our door,’’ the woman, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told the Newcastle Herald.

‘‘We still don’t know what he was trying to do, whether he was trying to rob us, was he trying to take our car or was he trying to hurt us.

‘‘It has really shaken us up.’’

The couple said their reports to police had received a cold reception and were concerned what the man had tried to do to other people - and whether he would try it again.

‘‘For starters, we need to find out what the bloke’s intentions were, whether he might even have mental health issues,’’ the woman said.

‘‘The bottom line is we need to know what was going on.’’

Central Hunter duty officer Inspector Greg Lindsell said police had seen the footage and identified a man who was located living in bushland at nearby Elrington.

He was arrested on Sunday afternoon after police had allegedly seized drugs in the bush.

Inspector Lindsell said the video was horrifying but he did not believe it was an attempted carjacking and no charges would be laid regarding the traffic incident.