'Straya cash' turns the spotlight on the look of Australia's bank notes | vote

'NEW' Australian bank notes that are taking the internet by storm. 

The Ettamogah Pub, Ned Kelly and an ode to ute culture all make their way onto the new designs that have stirred up debate online. 

Art-director Aaron Tyler said he spent around 15 hours designing each note from scratch.  

"It's just shocked me how far it's gone and how quickly it has spread, it's gone nuts,” Mr Tyler said. "The idea for them came from a party and we started talking about how nobody knew who was on our notes. 

"So I took that insight and came up with the idea of what they would look like if they featured people and places that everybody knew."

Check out who made the cut to be on the notes

Footy, meat pies, Dame Edna, Paul Hogan, trams, Cathy Freeman, Shane Warne, ANZACs and lamingtons are just some of the iconic people and images used. 

"I had a massive list of more than 100 to start with and I whittled it down,” Mr Tyler said. "It turned out to be a combination of people I like and people that polarised Australia at some point. 

"Some were from my childhood like Agro and the Ettamogah Pub. 

"I remember going there (Ettamogah Pub) when I was a kid and thinking 'wow it looks like it's right out of a cartoon' and it was a very potent visual representation of Australia."

Mr Tyler said Ned Kelly was included due to his iconic standing in Australian culture. 

Due to his conscious decision to steer clear of obvious or the most popular choices, Mr Tyler said he hoped to spark debate. 

It is the latest social media lightning rod to feature our money. 

Perhaps more in the realms of fantasy, there is a petition on change.org to rename our currency to dollarydoos, in homage to The Simpsons’episode

The petition currently has 55,158 signatures.  

"I haven't set out to change the currency,” Mr Tyler said. "But I just wanted to have a light-hearted discussion piece around the fact we don't know who our great Australians are that are on our notes now. 

"So really, it's as much commenting on the fact that maybe we need to do more to celebrate them and maybe have the same passion the Americans have for their money."

Ettamogah Pub manager Karina Mason said it was an honour to be included on the $20, but jokingly wasn't sure they wanted to share it with TV personality Karl Stefanovic.  

"We were pretty surprised when we found out,” Mrs Mason said. 

"The pub is not like anything else you'd find anywhere. We get a lot of people coming to us saying they have heard of the Ettamogah Pub and they've always wanted to come and visit. 

"It really is like stepping into outback Australia so for us to be the only pub to make the cut is a big honour."