Jamie Sager admits he set out to destroy the property of his former friends but did not want to hurt them

IT had been on his mind for more than six months - a revenge attack on a Teralba family’s home which would “destroy everything they owned’’.

Jamie Sager was focused on “creating maximum damage’’, he said, when he drove a bulldozer over four cars, a boat, and a weatherboard house at 168 The Weir Road, on June 8.

‘’I was determined, I wanted to hurt their property like they hurt my property,’’ he later told police.

The details were contained in a brief of evidence tendered in Newcastle Local Court on Wednesday when Sager pleaded guilty to charges relating to the destruction of property, theft, and breaching an apprehended violence order taken out against him by the family. 

However, he did not enter a formal plea on the most serious charge – intentionally destroying property with the intention of endangering lives – and was committed to stand trial.

He will appear in the Newcastle District court for the trial matter and sentence matters on February 4.

Sager told police he got hold of the keys in September, when he was kicked out of the house by the tenants, his former friends, Deborah Kerr and Martin Fraser.

He had stolen the bulldozer from a quarry and screwed a thick aluminium plate around the ‘’emergency shut off buttons’’ so he could not be stopped, he told police.

‘’Therefore the emergency shut-off buttons could not be touched while I was operating the vehicle, to create maximum damage to their house,’’ he said.

“I didn’t want to be disturbed … I wanted to, yeah, what would you say, fulfill what I intended to do and I didn’t want to be stopped in the process of getting from Point A to Point B …. by security or anyone else,’’ Sager told police.

He had tied the doors of the 28-tonne D9 bulldozer shut with rope.

He “walked’’ the bulldozer to the house, taking care to keep if off the road as much as possible, he said.

He then took out a white Holden utility, a Toyota Echo, a Holden Nova sedan, a Mazda 323, and a boat, as well as the house, which belonged to a neighbour, Robert Hore.

Four people were home at the time of the bulldozer attack, along with a number of pets, but Sager said he meant no one physical harm. 

In a statement to police made the morning of the home’s destruction, Sager said he made sure everyone who lived in the house had left before he trashed it.

“I knew who lives there and I made sure they were out - that’s why I hit the cars first because I knew when I hit the cars they will come out of the house,’’ he told police. “At no time at all I’d wanna hurt ‘em. 

“Even though I hate what they’ve done and despise ‘em I still wouldn’t hurt ‘em.’’

He said he also thought about burning the house down but thought people might not be able to get out in time.

Sager felt sorry for ‘’Bob’’, the home’s owner, he said.

‘’I pity Bob because it’s his house.  He’s an innocent bystander, they’re the ones that deserved it.’’

Sager, 48, of Seventh Street, Boolaroo, had become friends with Martin Fraser in about 2000, statements to police say, and he lived with them for a short time after a motorcycle accident in 2005.

He was jailed soon after for eight years but was in contact with the family and expected to return to the Teralba house to live upon his release, the documents said.

Sager says the family refused to return his belongings to him and he accuses Mr Fraser of selling his things while he was in prison.

Ms Kerr, 56, said her partner of 20 years, Mr Fraser, only agreed to let Sager stay in the house because he was frightened of him.  

She believed Sager was angry with them for asking him to leave the house after just a few weeks.

All of the occupants managed to escape the ordeal unharmed but the family’s neighbour, Michael Rowbottom, said there were family members still inside the house when it started to crumble.

‘’All of the girls came running out of the house and just as they did so, the house started to collapse,’’ he told police. 

“The house had actually started to collapse as they were coming out.’’