622kg tiger taken off Newcastle

Joel Nancarrow has a world record pending for the 13.5 foot, 622kg tiger shark taken off Newcastle on Australia Day 2016.

Posting of the picture on Facebook  created a predictable storm of social media debate about the merits of killing big fish.

In the negative camp were views like: “What’s the purpose of taking it from the water? Will it be eaten? No. If it was to be eaten then go for it but to kill it out of ego is pathetic.”

In the affirmative, voices such as these: “What’s the difference between taking the life of one bream, one flattie, one shark? Is it because it's big? Because you are jealous? What's the issue? I’m slightly confused.”

Perhaps it’s best the final word was left to Joel who wrote on Local Lake Mac Fishos: “We know the shit that comes with it and the people that will cry but at the end of the day we do it for us and only us. All the support and positive feedback is awesome. We appreciate that people like it and that some people don't see fish like this everyday and find it interesting. But to the people that winge, we don't care! We don't do this to seek approval we didn't post this picture someone else did. It was the same song and dance last shark and it will be the same one on the next shark.”