Big business lessons learnt on a tiny island


INSPIRATION: Beautiful Kythera.

INSPIRATION: Beautiful Kythera.

There are lessons to be learnt everywhere we look if we have our eyes and our hearts wide open.

I write this having recently been on the island of my ancestors, Kythera, a tiny Greek Island in the Ionian sea.

I walk a lot. It gives me to think.  Here’s what I learnt walking around my families island home.

1. Whichever path you walk, you will find what you need.

2. Resilience and perseverance are crucial to success.

3. More shiny bright objects won’t bring you success.

4. We don’t need permission to take positive action.

5. Your word is your bond, so keep it.

6. If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.

7. Waste not, want not.

8. Select your environment carefully.

9. Walk that extra mile.

10. Be optimistic. Pessimism never got anyone very far.

Christina Gerakiteys is an ideator, innovation and creativity expert, and facilitates the Rippler Effect Innovation Program.