My week at the Newcastle Herald

Friday, August 5

9.05 am: And my final day at the Newcastle Herald is officially underway. Its quite a sombre mood for me today, I am thankful for the experience so far, but I don’t want this week to end. I have learnt so many incredible things and met so many incredible people, I wish this week would last a lifetime. That’s not to say I’m not going to have a good day! I will be starting my morning with conference, followed by a little office work before I head off to Newcastle Knights training with senior sports writer Robert Dillon, hopefully I can meet some of the players and ask some questions! I don’t know what else I have planned today, but I hope my final day of work experience is as amazing and rewarding as every other day has been. 

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2.16 pm: Well, here we are. After an amazing week at the Newcastle Herald my work experience has unfortunately come to an end. My final day was filled with a variety and excitement. My fist task was to arrange a gallery for pets at the RSPCA that were up for adoption. They ranged from a dog called Annie to a cat called Kwazzi! After this task was completed, I received some valuable feedback from Michael Parris in regards to an article I sent him earlier in the week. Michael’s feedback was informative, constructive and every bit interesting and will definitely help me improve my journalistic writing style. Straight after that, another sports writer was generous enough to take me out into the field. James Gardiner invited me to attend a press conference at Hunter Stadium where he would be interviewing Knights enforcer Jeremy Smith! A great chance for me to again watch and listen to how an interview is carried out and how I can improve my skills with interviews. (It also helped that I got a photo with superstar Dane Gagai!) However my day was not done yet, photographer Marina Neil also invited me to watch her take some stunning photographs of some of the participants in this years’ Newcastle Tweed Ride on August 28. You can really see a passion amongst all of the people I have been with this week, a passion and love for the job I hope to one day have. 

Before I finish my final blog entry, there are so many people I would like to thank for making this week a reality. To my teachers at Hunter Sports High School, in particular Mr Nigel Hogan for really organising this week so it ran effectively and smoothly. To Mr Tim Mallon, thank you for helping me discover a true passion of mine in writing, if it wasn't for you, my newspaper competition entry never would have happened and this week never would have been possible, thank you for helping me realise my dreams and unlocking talents I never knew I had. And to all the teachers at Hunter Sports who have encouraged me to push forward and realise my goals. 

To everyone at the Newcastle Herald, I thank you for giving me such an amazing, insightful and truly eye-opening week. It’s truly a week I will never forget. To editor Heath Harrison, thank you for letting me come to conference every morning with your team and seeing first-hand how a story comes to life. Thank you to Tim Connell, who when possible, included me in all his work and made sure I felt comfortable and welcome at all times. To Marina Neil, thank you for letting me experience the art of photography and its importance in the media today. To Michael Parris, thank you for letting me tag along to Jets training and press conferences, and most importantly, helping me improve my writing with every chance you could, your advice is the advice I will carry with me throughout my journalistic career. To Josh Callinan, I thank you again for letting me talk to a real Olympian in Scott Westcott, and giving me feedback and advice on what to do to succeed I will carry with me for the rest of my life. To James Gardiner, thank you for showing me the art of interviewing as well, and also for taking me to press conferences and interviews, truly an experience I will never forget. And that thank you extends to Robert Dillon and everyone in the sports department. What you guys do is something I dream of doing, and being able to live my dream for a week (so far) is truly an amazing experience. 

And finally, I want to thank Judith Whitfield, thank you for making this week a reality, thank you for getting this week off the ground and into the office. Thank you for coming down to the lift and bringing me up every day for the last 5 days and seeing me out the door every afternoon. Thank you for always making sure I felt welcome in every aspect when I was at the Newcastle Herald. It is truly a testimony to the kind, generous person you are. 

So all in all, my last entry is to say thank you. Thank you for reading my blog every day, and for the positive messages I have received from friends and family. It is honestly one of the most life-changing experiences of my life. 

This may be the end of my work experience, but this is definitely not the end of Kye Abrahams at the Newcastle Herald. So goodbye….. For now.


Thursday, August 4

9.30 am: After shocking weather interrupted my morning commute to the office, day 4 at the Newcastle Herald is underway. The east coast low showed all its capability this morning but that will do nothing to dampen my spirits. This morning I again went to conference, where I was tasked with helping Tim Connell uncover some of the Hunter’s Olympic athletes in Rio, such as Wangi sailors Nathan Outteridge and Iain Jensen. But that’s not where my day ends. If all goes to plan, I will be partnering up with Josh Callinan to interview inspirational marathon runner Scott Westcott, who is the last athlete to leave for Rio in what will be his Olympic debut. A huge day ahead for me, and with the Olympics right around the corner, you can feel an anticipated buzz around the office (In particular the sports department!) 

3.00pm: What a day I have had at the Newcastle Herald! Today started like every day so far, entering in sports results and working out photo galleries, I was hanging for 11:45 so I could go with Josh Callinan and interview Scott Westcott. And then my day took an unexpected twist, Michael Parris invited me to a jets recovery session and interview with last nights FFA cup goalscorer Wayne Brown! After that was finished, it was straight over to King Edward Park where Josh Callinan and I had the amazing experience of talking to Marathon runner Scott Westcott, who is about to head off to the Rio Olympics. Scott and Wayne were two very friendly and humble guys that clearly love what they do as much as Michael and Josh do! But my day did not conclude there, when I returned to the office I was lucky enough to interview Luke Walker over the phone about his side, Green Gully Soccer Club, and there historic FFA cup win last night against the Central Coast Mariners. Luke’s a great guy who cares a lot about his club and football in Australia. All in all it has been a fantastic day at the Newcastle Herald, and I hope tomorrow, which is unfortunately my last day of work experience, is just as good!

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Wednesday, August 3

9.15 am: As Day 3 of my week long work experience at the Newcastle Herald begins, I have witnessed my first morning conference. Conference is when the editorial team get together and discuss what their game plan will be for the day, and what stories they are going to run with. Even I got involved and pitched a story to our editor, who has taken it on board and given it to the sports department to produce a story from it! A great start to what is set to be another exciting day. If all goes to plan I will be out in the field again with maser interviewer Penelope Green to learn the skill of interviews. Let’s hope this day is as exciting as my last. 

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3.00pm: That time of day again, and my third day at the Newcastle Herald has come to a close. Today was an interesting day in the office, as I encountered my first conference, had my first published article and explored more field work. The afternoon was spent uploading photos onto the computer and what not, but all in all a great day. Hopefully Thursday will bring plenty more excitement and opportunity! 

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Tuesday, August 2

9.00 am: Day 2 of my week long work experience at the Newcastle Herald is underway, and what a day I have in store! This morning I will be out in the field with senior sports writer Michael Parris, to attend the Newcastle Jets training session at Broadmeadow’s Magic Park this morning. And in the afternoon I will be experiencing the work at the office, and learning what makes a story. With such a big day planned, I will be giving constant updates and reports using the hashtag #HeraldWorkExperience on both my Facebook and Instagram accounts. So get on board to see what really goes on inside Newcastle’s most important source of news. 

3.15pm: And Day 2 of my work experience at the Newcastle Herald is finished, and what a day it was! Today was a day filled with exciting trips outside the office, chances to enhance my writing ability and learning the origins of a news story. My day began with my typical morning task, filling out sports results from the day before (I hope lawn bowls is more exciting to watch than putting in their results!) However it took an exciting turn when senior sports writer Michael Parris invited me to attend a Newcastle Jets training session and watch him interview Jets player Andrew Hoole. When we returned, I was lucky enough to write my own article, sending it in for submission and hopefully receive some feedback on how to improve my writing skills. And just when I thought my day couldn't get any better, I was sent out into the field again with Tim Connell to Stockton’s Fort Wallace, to examine the area and chat with the new property developer of the site. All up it was a fantastic day and I can’t wait for good things tomorrow. 

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Monday, August 1 

10.20 am: My week-long work experience at the Newcastle Herald has begun. I have been greeted and welcomed with open arms by everyone I have met, helping me feel right at home in such an unfamiliar, but comfortable setting. My tour included visits to the editorial, marketing and other locations around the paper’s modern, new location overlooking the picturesque Newcastle harbour. And now the journalistic work begins!

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3.00 pm: And my first day at the Newcastle Herald is complete! What an eye-opening and intriguing week this is set out to be. I was lucky enough to spend my afternoon with the sports writers who helped me gain a clearer understanding of what it takes to make it in their field of choice, a field I myself hope to succeed in. Big things planned for tomorrow, make sure you can keep track of my week using the hashtag #HeraldWorkExperience.