Newcastle Herald Short Takes: Friday, October 14, 2016

WE went to the Town Hall meeting Monday night (10/10). Michael Cassel from UrbanGrowth said the Novocastrians are for our cause. He is wrong. The people of the Hunter want to save the rail corridor for the light rail, it is senseless to think of using Hunter Street and Scott Street. You can not compare our narrow streets with the Gold Coast and Melbourne, where there are very wide streets that can carry trams, cars and bicycles. Michael, the people here do not want your idea.

George Tattersell, New Lambton

PROGRESS in Newcastle has stagnated for decades due to being a safe Labor seat. Now, when we have an opportunity to see ideas come to fruition, the Labor/Green coalition is holding up the government’s plans by delaying rezoning decisions. Continually impeding progressive ideas could lead to further progress being shoved into the too hard basket, leaving an empty corridor with nothing to show for it. The council should listen to the experts, get on board and back the projects or get out of the way.

John O’Connor, Newcastle

ANY chance of a greyhound track running down the rail corridor? Possibly with some gymnastic equipment at Newcastle station to practice backflips.

Wayne Russell, Edgeworth

WHAT a contrast and a joy it was on Wednesday to read where four retired politicians got their claim knocked back in the court to have their pensions increased and more free travel which, if they had succeeded, would have flowed on to 350 former politicians. Then to watch Twiggy Forrest give one of the most genuine and sensible speeches I have heard in a long time at the press club on why Australia is going nowhere and the damage done by politicians that are locked into the status quo and put party and personal gain before the well-being of the country and its people and prospects.

Allan Earl, Thornton

WHERE have some of the gastronomic delights gone from the meat shelves of the two main supermarkets?  Conspicuous by their absence are tasty tripe, brain and kidneys. Being a dedicated offal eater, I fear some of these choice morsels are being shipped to the more discerning gourmets in the Far East. Any answers?

John William Hill, Williamtown

TIM Crakanthorp is warned against robbing Newcastle of $100 million and creating a wasteland on the waterfront. This “wasteland” once served a very useful purpose until the Baird government ripped it to pieces. 

Kathie Anthony, Waratah


DID the government make the right decision to not sign off on the Wambo United coal mine?

Yes 84%, No 16%

SHOULD the Jets go with youth or experience to replace Ben Kennedy?

Youth 37%, Experience 63%

DOES the HSC cause too much stress?

Yes 63%, No 37%


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