Newcastle Herald Short Takes: Saturday, October 15, 2016

YET another poorly thought out knee jerk reaction from Mr Baird. These are not shark nets. They are death traps that cause a slow and agonising death for every animal or fish that is caught in them. Just have a look at the statistics on why they were removed. To protect our already declining populations of endangered sea life. We are one of the worst countries in the world for extinction of animals. Perhaps television footage of whale calves trapped in these nets will stir people to question this abhorrent practice. How sad is the human race that our only response is to kill any creature because of its natural behaviour in it's own environment.

Ann Ellis, Merewther

MY wife and I have just returned from holidays in France. One highlight was a trip on the TGV high speed train from Paris to Dijon. The 400km trip took one hour and 40 minutes, travelling at 300km/h. Our two political parties keep bringing up a high speed train for the east coast. Don't hold your breath on this ever happening.

John Adamson, Rankin Park

OUR Prime Minister can beat his breast and wave his arms around blaming Labor about the plebiscite, but he knows in his own heart that a free vote in parliament is the correct way to go. If only he had the nerve to stand up against the ultra right wing members of his own party. 

Darryl Tuckwell, Eleebana

CAN someone ask Mike Baird how much of taxpayers’ money was spent on the extensive advertising campaign to shut down greyhound racing. I would think we have a right to know how much money was wasted on this venture.

Lance Makings, Cardiff

THE continual dumping of asbestos waste products illegally can be overcome if councils register all dwellings built prior to the ban of asbestos. Any renovation or removal of these dwellings would have to have approval from the relevant council. This is the only way to trace where the product is dumped. Asbestos is a product that causes death so illegal dumping should be criminal

Gerry Mohan, Shoal Bay 

DURING the Phillip Hughes inquest, some have criticised Ambulance NSW, on their response rate. I'm sure our overworked, underpaid paramedics would have arrived at the SCG as soon as it was humanely possible, in accordance with their already overstretched workload.

David Davies, Blackalls Park 

REGARDING the offal eater (Short Takes, 14/10): Try and support your local butcher. I’m sure they'd have fresh offal on offer.

Steve Paras, Pelican


SHOULD active mines pay for any damage they cause?

Yes 94%, No 6%

DO you get regular skin checks?

Yes 80%, No 20%

ARE punishments for illegal dumping harsh enough?

Yes 1.7%, No 98.3%


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