Newcastle Herald Letters to the Editor: Monday, October 17, 2016

WASTE: Some have criticised the government's inquiry into the banking industry as a waste of time and money and are instead calling for tougher regulation.

WASTE: Some have criticised the government's inquiry into the banking industry as a waste of time and money and are instead calling for tougher regulation.

THE federal government inquiry into the banking industry turned out to be a bit of a fizzer, just as many people predicted. 

The big four bank bosses managed to dodge around most of the questions put to them, offered what I feel were pretty insincere apologies and admissions that they could have done better by their customers.

But I think they failed to show any remorse for the gross overcharging on bank fees, failure to pass on the full rate reductions when the cash rates were lowered by the reserve bank and inflated credit card interest rates, all of which affect their loyal customers. 

I don’t think the inquiry served any useful purpose and cost a lot of money to achieve next to nothing.

The calls by the Labor Party and the Liberals to have a royal commission into the banks and the unions respectively, would be a huge waste of millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money in my opinion. 

As they would only confirm what we already know, that the banks treat their customers like a milking cow for profits. 

More stringent regulations and much harsher penalties for those found doing the wrong thing would be a step in the right direction.

Ian King, Warners Bay

Slithery friends move in

WELL we all know snakes are out of hibernation now and I have found a lovely green tree snake in my meter box at our hobby farm at Martins Creek.

I have seen it now and again during winter poking out from behind the power board, but recently he was lying full length just inside the box.

That's OK, I thought, I will just be careful opening the box, but the next week when I went to open it there were two snakes nicely entwined there together, so how many will I find next time if they have been up to mischief?

Will keep you posted. Needless to say I love my wildlife and would never hurt them.

Olwyn Edmonds, Eleebana

Act on main issues

TURNBULL and Shorten are content to stage manage lots of superficial problems facing this great country. Although, Shorten showed some gumption during the election with his party’s attack on the recklessly greedy use of negative gearing to purchase pre-loved houses.

These houses should be available for Aussie homes and certainly not for the collection of professional non-productive negative gearing. 

While our two leaders dodge and duck the three main damaging influences on Australian prosperity, I say all three require a royal commission.

Firstly: Investigate from top to bottom the Australian taxation system. No holds barred when completing the investigation into our tax system – from the lowest collector through to the large corporations.

Secondly: Investigate all aspects of foreign buyouts of our country. Expose what has gone on during the past 40 years.

Lastly: Investigate our level of migration during the past 40 years and particularly the last 20.

What has been going on is akin to some sort of treason when weighed against the severe strain placed on our too fast changing society. Identify those responsible to recognise how out of control these governments have been. We are overdoing it and should be more selective.

Unless these three subjects are dealt with fully the two present leaders are simply wasting everyone's time.

Russell Schatz, Narrabri

Struck by disasters

JUST as those among us with the necessary weather qualifications predicted, it's all become hotter and drier.

Unsurprisingly all that freezing cold polar ice seems almost to be leading the way in this melting procedure. Indeed human occupation of such arctic areas could perhaps ease those already crowded regions elsewhere. Who knows?

Unavoidable though such development might have seemed, especially all the way down here in that land already famous for its all too regular bushfires and droughts, right now especially on the east coast we're experiencing unbelievable flooding of which there seems to be no end in sight. 

A sorrowful attitude for those experiencing the excessively drastic impact of said disaster is (I'm sure) felt by all.

And yet such unexpected calamitous happening, despite the universal disapproval of it, is probably applauded by many. 

Christopher Quinn, Maitland

Support for the survivors

THANK you, Pat Garnet, for your public awareness advocacy for child sexual abuse victims/survivors who need all the support one can give. Lest we forget.

Brave survivor James Miller has found a publisher for his book, The Priests, which may perhaps help us to understand why abuse occurred in a religious organisation. 

The award winning film, Spotlight is also now available on DVD. It is the true story of the also brave investigative reporters of the Boston Globe which “shed a light on the scandal that rocked one of the world’s oldest and most trusted institutions”.  

Manny Waks, a Jewish survivor of sexual abuse in his Melbourne community, has written his memoir in collaboration with journalist Michael Visontay called Who gave you permission

If there is a God who “made man in his image”, he must be ashamed of the deeds that have been done in his name.

June Porter, Warners Bay

Details on aged-care cut

IN reply to Frank Ward, (Letters, 14/10): The cuts made by government relate only to medical procedures.  For example, if a company attempting to make a profit gets paid so much for taking a patient’s blood pressure; would that company not take that person’s blood pressure a little more often than is necessary?

As for those people retiring with less than $100,000 in superannuation, they will, as now, receive some part of the aged pension.

Finally please do not insult my intelligence by stating that I am following the "Coalition party line".

You will note that there are banner headlines about the ALP fighting for more funding for Gonski, no such headlines about aged-care funding.

I also don't believe in frightening people without due cause.

Mike Sargent, Raymond Terrace


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