Newcastle Herald Short Takes: Tuesday, October 18, 2016

EXCELLENT result Jets. We were all hoping that you could do it. Newcastle salutes you. 

Bill Slicer, Tighes Hill 

WHILE the Baird government is currently in back-flipping mode, maybe they could re-visit their current resolve to repeal the hard-won legislation: Native Vegetation Act 2003, Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995, and parts of the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974, in order to make it easier to clear natural vegetation? If their current resolve is successful, the decimation of our precious heritage of native flora and fauna will simply accelerate.

Kevin McDonald, Balickera

I FEEL for you, John William Hill (Short Takes, 14/10). I too am an offal lover, and the withdrawal pangs are chronic. I’m trying to come up with a way to ask without sounding offensive. Somehow it doesn’t go over very well to ask a butcher if he has any brains.

Ruth McFayden, Merewether 

REGARDING the butcher story (‘Butchers to take on giants’, Herald, 15/10). For years Kahibah had been without a local butcher. A few months ago we learnt that we were going to have a new butcher. I'm pleased to say Luke and his crew have settled in well and judging by the patronage it is mutual. Quality and personal service are evident.

Daphne Hughes, Kahibah

HOW about a local public holiday or event day to coincide with the V8 Supercars? Whether it is on or adjacent to the race weekend it will free up the local population to attend the race, and free up others to flee it. The Monday makes sense to me.

Luke Taper, Georgetown

THE organisers of The Color Run advise the powder is corn starch with natural colouring agents and therefore non toxic, but one has to question the health effects to the participants’ respiratory systems, especially those addicted participants who attend these events regularly.

Stephen Kuehn, Williamtown

SO with a win and a draw this season the Jets have equalled the Knights' effort for their entire season. It feels good to finally leave the stadium having seen our team win. Congrats to Captain Boogaard for a magnificent effort in leading his young team by example. Let’s hope there's more to come.

Greg Hunt, Newcastle West

THE modern world has every right to be very afraid of any aspiring leader whose propulsion to power is predicated on demonising large swaths of the population and jailing all those who dare criticise him or her. History repeats.

Tony Brown, Newcastle


ARE you happy with the MidCoast Council’s decision to oppose the Rocky Hill Coal Project?

Yes 63%, No 37%

WHAT do you think the money from the privatisation of the port should go towards?

Removing the rail corridor 3%, Elsewhere in Newcastle 20%, Developing the corridor for mixed-use development, public recreation, educational and tourist uses 75%


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