Newcastle Herald Short Takes: Thursday, October 20, 2016

MR Turnbull: a free parliamentary vote on same-sex marriage is the answer. You should start doing what you think is right, not what the ultra conservatives in your party prefer. They represent less than 30 per cent of the Australian voters. It’s a no-brainer really. Stand up for the majority if the two-party system stands in the way, again.

Klaas Woldring, Pearl Beach

SAY it’s not true. Is it true? MP claims $292 a night to stay in his own home or $2044 a week allowance, seems a terrible waste of taxpayers’ money. Just because it is legal does not make it right, abortion is legal, but does it make it right. A carer gets $8 a day as a carer looking after her mum.

Richard Ryan, Summerland Point 

A FRIEND of mine lost his wife to the local butcher who was all too keen to make regular home deliveries, even though the shop was just two doors away. “I should have turned a blind eye to it,” my friend said. “I haven't had meat of that quality since.”

Cliff Rabbit, Nelson Bay

THE Knights must consider signing Joel Edwards, he is a great tackler which the Knights really need for 2017. I have been following Joel’s career since he left the Knights and he has impeccable behaviour off field and would be a good mentor for our young side. His loyalty to the Knights would never be in question so please think again Knights selectors.

Elizabeth Giles, Ashtonfield

MAC Maguire (Short Takes, 19/10) it is a fact that “the scum like the cream rises to the top”. Ministers Morrison and Dutton risk becoming pariahs over their handling of the asylum seekers. Because, in desperation, the asylum seekers on Nauru and Manus engaged “people smugglers” to reach Australia should not be held against them in my opinion. Fleeing persecution, people lose sight of the formalities and gather their families and get out. The two parties in parliament should reverse earlier decisions and bring the detainees back to Australia and gain the thanks of the Australian majority. This whole thing is holding us back. Our minds aren’t free to deal with the tasks ahead.

John McLennan, Charlestown


DOES Newcastle's centre need a parking strategy?

Yes 92.1%, No 7.9%

DO you think the government will comply with council's conditions for the rail corridor rezoning?

Yes 23.7%, No 76.3%

WILL you use the Parallel Parking app?

Yes 59.1%, No 40.9%

SHOULD females feel compelled to wear makeup?

Yes 11.45%, No 88.55%


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