POLL: Slow drivers keep left

POLICE should crack down on slow drivers who cause road rage by hogging the outside lane when they are not overtaking vehicles, Swansea MP Garry Edwards says.

Mr Edwards said he would urge police to conduct a blitz.

"This happens from Newcastle to Sydney," Mr Edwards said. "It's infuriating."

Mr Edwards said there were road signs telling people to keep left unless overtaking.

"It's so simple, but the majority of our drivers are pretty thick I think," he said.

Hunter Highway Patrol Supervisor, Senior Sergeant Tony Grace, said police do enforce the "keep left unless overtaking" rule.

"I don't know that a blitz is necessary at this point," Senior Sergeant Grace said.

"Unless there's a sign specifically saying you must keep left unless overtaking, the rule to keep left only applies in areas with a speed limit over 80km/h."

Senior Sergeant Grace said Mr Edwards's comments were "a good timely reminder to keep left in areas with speed limits over 80km/h".

Mr Edwards said he was not encouraging people to speed.

"People abuse the law, it makes other drivers angry and that leads to incidents," he said.

NRMA Hunter director Kyle Loades said the matter "comes down to showing other drivers courtesy on our roads".

"It can be as simple as a good old-fashioned wave to say thank-you when someone lets you in their lane or leaving plenty of room between you and the car in front of you," he said.

SLOW LANE: Keep left unless overtaking.

SLOW LANE: Keep left unless overtaking.


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