Short Takes

What next? Imagine Peter Dutton blaming England for sending their rejects over here on convict ships, as the Aborigines proclaim, “Stop the Boats”

Richard Ryan, Summerland Point

I WONDER why all those people who contracted cancer and tuberculosis through smoking don’t initiate a class action against the tobacco companies?

Tom Edwards, Wangi Wangi

CHUCKLE of the year!  A straight-faced Malcolm Turnbull blatantly informing listener he is pro-union.

John William, Nelsons Bay

I THINK it is a bit rich the federal LNP government posturing on behalf of trade union members in an attempt to have us believe they have the interests of union members at heart. We all remember in the “WorkChoices” era and the then LNP government doing all they could to destroy unions and their members rights at work. Most of the current crop LNP members were around then and can anybody recall any of them calling out to look after union members?

Fred McInerney, Karuah

IN reply to 'Topics' (Herald, 23/11/16) re the sign at the Newcastle Baptist Tabernacle – the truth is that 'living by faith' in Jesus and 'religion' are not the same thing.

Kim Cross, Metford

FURTHER to 'The Real Manus'. It needs to be emphasised that the detainees on the island live in conditions akin a to prison. Their experience is the antithesis of idyllic.

Dean Briggs, Newcastle

COLIN Geaches - I am tempted by your kind invitation to come and live in Mayfield. I know the place well, as I have lived half of my rather long life there. I’m very fond of Mayfield and its people but in 2013 my wife and I joined the ageing throng downsizing to city units in search of convenience and quiet. Now, Mayfield is even more attractive as it does not face five+ years of V8 Supercar disruption. Perhaps you and I should make a joint submission to Supercars to locate the race in Mayfield. Establish a depot in Bull Street Reserve, run a course east along Bull and south on Elizabeth, west at Crebert and north back to Bull. If our submission is successful, I’ll enjoy the East End even more than I do now, and you can enjoy the Supercars without the need to leave home.

Roland Bannister, Newcastle


Does the local syndicate sound like the right owner for the Knights?

Yes 49%, There’s a long way to go 30%, No 21%

Is the sale of Hunter Street Mall to Iris Capital a win for Newcastle?

Yes 84%, No 16%

Have you changed your water-use habits in the past year?

No, I’ve always been careful 43%, Not really 29%, Yes, I’m a bit more vigilant 24%, I’m using more than ever 4%