Newcastle Herald Short Takes: Saturday, November 26, 2016

ANOTHER rural firefighter pleads guilty to lighting fires. Does RFS actually stand for Real Fire Starters?

Charles Farley, Adamstown Heights

ONLY now are we starting to we start to truly appreciate the Machiavellian machinations that  president-elect Donald Trump used to win over the United States. Like many before him throughout history, he played on the fears of the ordinary people and appealed to their desires and aspirations. However it is interesting to see in these early days a calmer and more measured man emerge who is already stepping back from the most radical elements of his campaign. Whatever happens when he steps through the doors of the White House it is going to impact the world.

Ann Ellis, Merewether

IT shows just how futile it is to go nit-picking around small-fry groups when the governments we elect avoid like the plague any mention of a royal commission into any aspects of the Australian taxation system. Why? The chaps might finish up kicking a few own goals. 

Russell Schatz, Narrabri

ARE you still interested in the rail debacle? Stand at the steps of Newcastle library on Laman Street. Five years ago they planted plane trees to provide protection against a slow-sinking summer sun. Someone should lose a limb over this; unless all have forgotten our fallen figs.

Dave Wilson Bar Beach 

REGARDING those parents fuming over the roadwords “debacle” outside a Mount Hutton childcare centre (Herald 24/11): Are these parents for real when they are whinging about having to walk an extra 300 metres? Maybe they should teach yourselves and their kids that walking is actually good for you.

Gael Green, Cardiff

IT WILL be interesting to see which television network signs up Jamie Murphy, the young Australian cleared of any wrongdoing in Bali. And, no doubt, for a phenomenal fee!

David Davies, Blackalls Park  

HUGE increase in rates soon for us all. I love seeing people improving they're home without council approval. They should be richer.

Tracey Gill, Lambton 

REGARDING the report in the Herald about the Hunter Street mall being sold for undisclosed amount (24/11): At least we know that the sale money won’t be spent in Newcastle.

Colin Atkins, Wyong 


SHOULD Iris Capital restore the old Newcastle post office?

Yes 92%, No 8%

DO you agree that barking should be treated as an offensive noise rather than a nuisance order?

Yes 56%, No 44%

DO you think the Knights have a good chance to be bought by a local syndicate?

Yes 73%, No 27%


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