Cedar Creek Wombat Rescue and Hospital's Roz and Kev Holme dedicated their lives to saving wildlife | photos

It takes a special sort of person to dedicate their life to animals.

It’s selfless. It’s demanding and it’s exhausting. But, it’s exactly what Roz and Kevin Holme have spent 35 years doing.

Nestled away from the hustle and bustle of any city, deep into the bushland of Wollombi national park, is a refuge for hurting wombats and the nurturing arms of Roz and Kev.

Together, the couple has built a wombat hospital on their 200 acre property, complete with makeshift ICU areas for severely hurt wombats and pens for ones on the mend.

The hospital has everything a surgeon would need and is manned by Roz, a trained vet nurse, who now is leading the way in wombat treatments.

ICU is a horse float, pens made up on the verandah or in their home.

Apart from all the purpose-built enclosures, there’s also the many hectares of free land wombats, kangaroos and the like are free to roam about in.

Everything has been built by Roz and Kev, with the help of friends, volunteers and donations. Read the full story here.