Short Takes

WHILE our highly paid bureaucrats in the health system are busy feathering their nests, the sick and the elderly continue to struggle without the convenience of the shuttle bus. It needs to be in operation as before – without delay – even if a fare of $1 or $2 was charged. Do the right thing and this time include the Mater hospital.

Kathie Anthony, Waratah

IF a young Australian works alongside backpackers what rate of tax do they pay?

Ann Ellis, Merewether

THE Academy Award goes to the screaming greenie being assisted out of parliament. What a pathetic performance. I’m waiting for the brutality allegations next. The script is old hat, time for a new act from greenies.

Steve Barnett, Fingal Bay

A PROPERLY developed trunk rail corridor, with "super-city" Sydney, would build a great Newcastle, (‘State economy a tale of "Sydney or the bush", Herald, 1/12). Fast, frequent services to the coast, for a sensational, efficient tourist mecca. Use port funds to merge trains with the CBD. 

Graeme Tychsen, Rankin Park

I BELIEVE the business owners at the top of Hunter Street are in for a lean Christmas this year. Roads are closed, parking spots taken up by work vehicles, no access at all to the post office and the café opposite. No wonder some businesses are moving away from the mall.

John Maxwell Hollingsworth, Hamilton

SURELY northern NSW residents are entitled to find out from Premier Baird why the NSW government charges a fee for containers shipped through the Port of Newcastle? It was Mr Baird as Treasurer who secretly imposed the charge in 2013.

Greg Cameron, Florey

THE outrage from politicians after this week’s protests at Parliament House would have been comical if it weren’t so hypocritical. The protest was staged when it would do the least damage, during question time – the most unproductive, childish, wastes of time and money in our political process.  

Allan Earl, Thornton

REGIONAL, rural and remote areas should thank the National Party for the problems with the non-service/network they are experiencing with telephone and internet communications. It was the Nationals, who agreed with Mr Howard to sell Telstra. We were told costs would reduce and high service levels would be guaranteed. Look at the NBN – cost blowouts and service problems. Thanks Nationals.

Robert Bowne, Marks Point


WOULD the Hunter be disadvantaged if Boxing Day trading was banned?

Yes 29%, No 71%

DO you think the Hunter economy is in trouble?

Yes 87.5%, No 12.5%

WHEN do you put up your Xmas tree?

Whenever I get a chance 36%, First weekend of December 34%, December 1 28%, Right before the guests arrive  2%