Opinion | Make 2017 the year to innovate | Christina Gerakiteys

SO MANY IDEAS: Make time for innovation and creativity.

SO MANY IDEAS: Make time for innovation and creativity.

What an amazingly fast and furious year. While everyone is in evaluation and planning mode, here are five essential points to ponder then execute.

1. Know your why – This is fast becoming a mantra but has been around for years and is integral to success. The concept has finally reached tipping point.

2. Dedicate time – For innovation and creativity and to conceptualise and act on the how, what and when of your why. No time allocation, no progress.

3. Read widely – Divergent thinking is integral to asking the right questions and finding solutions.

4. Find your mass transformative purpose – what is the biggest problem or global issue you can solve?

5. The ‘three Ss’ of braining – shifting, streaming and storming.

Wishing you all a peaceful, creative, innovative and love infested holiday season. 

Christina Gerakiteys is CEO at Ideation At Work, a creativity and innovation consultancy, and facilitates the Rippler Effect Innovation Program.