RECIPE: Asparagus with bacon, brioche and hollandaise | video

GOURMET: This simple but delicious breakfast is worth waking up for.

GOURMET: This simple but delicious breakfast is worth waking up for.


Asparagus with bacon, brioche and hollandaise


Who doesn’t love a delicious breakfast? There’s a huge cafe culture in the Hunter region and we love heading out for breakfast.  If you fancy putting your own culinary breakfast skills to the test, here is a simple and delicious recipe that will stand the test of time in any home, and that’s sure to impress!

Remember to source organic or locally-laid eggs when you can. We love Nulkaba Hatchery in the Hunter Valley.


If you don’t own a sous vide, replace this recipe with poached eggs.

Serves 4.


12 asparagus spears

2 brioche rolls

4 bacon rashers (thick cut belly)

60g leaves (spinach or rocket)

30g butter

To taste, sea salt

8 free range eggs (Nulkaba Hatchery)

2 egg yolks

35ml water

30g reduction

185g melted butter

10ml lemon juice

To taste sea salt


100g Spanish onion sliced

4 sprigs thyme

4 sprigs tarragon

1 bay leaf

3g black peppercorns

300ml white wine vinegar

150ml white wine

CHEF: Frank Fawkner, of EXP. restaurant.

CHEF: Frank Fawkner, of EXP. restaurant.



Place all the ingredients into a pan for the reduction. Tie herbs and spices in muslin cloth, reduce it until the liquid is just below the level of the onions. Leave to cool, then pass this liquid off when you are making the hollandaise (reserve leftover for future hollandaise).


Place the yolks, reduction and water into a bowl  over a pan of simmering water, whisk until cooked and mixture is thick and creamy approx. 5 minutes.

Turn off the heat and pour the butter in a steady stream whisking at the same time. When the hollandaise thickens add water.

Adjust the seasoning.

Set aside in a container with lid on in a warm spot.


1. For this recipe sous vide eggs for 45 minutes at 63°C. To serve, crack eggs in a bowl and transfer to plates.

2. Heat a large fry pan on high and lightly toast brioche in olive oil. Place one piece on four plates.

3. In the same pan sear bacon on both sides and place a piece on each brioche.

4. Again using the same pan with the bacon fat still in, sauté the asparagus, cook on one side for 1-2 minutes, add butter and toss.

5. Once melted add 30ml of water and toss again to emulsify, this will steam the asparagus to finish.

6. Place three asparagus on each plate with two eggs, spinach and hollandaise on the side.