Older dogs better than cute puppies

Older dogs better than cute puppies

BUYING a cute puppy may seem like a good idea over Christmas but animal carers are warning people to think twice.

Sometimes the demanding nature of a new pup is too much for families to cope with and the animal ends up at the pound.

Sugarloaf Animal Hospital veterinarian Tonielle Riseley said buying a full-grown dog from a pound instead of a pup from a dog breeder was the better option.

"A lot of people aren't aware about the number of animals that need to find homes," she said.

"They may think dogs in shelters are aggressive and unsuitable to be a family pet but it's usually the opposite."

Dogs in pounds are usually already trained, desexed and vaccinated.

Ms Riseley adopted her two dogs, Georgie and Teddy, and said they had been great.

"You know what you're getting with an adult dog. Puppies haven't developed a personality yet," she said.