Debate rises on sea levels as McCloy brings in experts

Jeff McCloy at his Lake Macquarie home.
Jeff McCloy at his Lake Macquarie home.

BELMONT businessman Jeff McCloy is taking the rising sea debate to another level with three scientific experts to deliver their findings to Lake Macquarie residents.

The millionaire developer has organised professors Ian Plimer, David Archibald and Robert Carter to address a free information night on climate change at Belmont 16 Footers on Tuesday.

Debate has raged for many years over rising sea levels in the Lake Macquarie area and the council adopted a climate change policy last year that restricted certain developments by the lake and ocean.

Mr McCloy said he would mount a class action against the Lake Macquarie City Council for reducing the value of properties in the area as a result of the policy.

Legal action is still an option, but the next step is the information session with University of Adelaide's Mr Plimer, Perth-based scientist Mr Archibald and Mr Carter from the Marine and Geophysical laboratory at James Cook University.

"I don't believe the community fully understands the impacts of this policy. The ramifications are enormous," Mr McCloy said.

"Some people will be prevented from building extensions or face such a cost impost it will not be viable, while others will be prevented from building anything at all.

"There are numerous experts around Australia and the world who are questioning the science used to assess the key criteria for large-scale sea level rises.

"In fact, there is research that suggests rises in sea levels are decelerating."

Lake Macquarie mayor Greg Piper said the council had simply adopted the same climate change policy that was being used by state and federal governments.

"Jeff is unashamedly a climate change sceptic and he won't be swayed, but he expects other people will be swayed by him," Cr Piper said.

"I think it's good that a minority view is heard, but I've listened to Ian Plimer on television and radio and I've read his book, which frankly I wouldn't pay for.

"But I am willing to listen to them all if I can make it along to the information session."