Telstra confusion: First a fire now text misfires

Screenshot from outage website showing affected areas.
Screenshot from outage website showing affected areas.

Personal SMS messages of Telstra customers are being received by phone users of other networks across Australia after a fire disrupted services at an exchange in Sydney.

Unwitting recipients of the random messages took to Twitter to express their confusion.

Earlier Thursday:

Customers of Telstra are experiencing major disruptions to their services due to a reported fire at one of the company's exchanges.

Telstra announced the fire location to be Chatswood Exchange, Sydney, via Twitter.

Telstra have responded to customer comments on their Facebook page saying they are investigating the outage. 

A search on Telstra’s service status website shows a current interruption with customers experiencing difficulties using home phone and internet services for the region. 

While it seems progress is being made, more problems have become apparent.