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The #88 Maranello Ferrari team celebrate their win with fans. Photo: LYNN PINKERTON
The #88 Maranello Ferrari team celebrate their win with fans. Photo: LYNN PINKERTON

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5.45pm: Jamie Whincup crosses the line to finish the 2017 Bathurst 12 Hour with a win for the #88 Maranello Ferrari with team members Craig Lowndes and Toni Vilander. 

Jamie Whincup crosses the line to finish the 2017 Bathurst 12 Hour with a win for the #88 Maranello Ferrari. Photo. Phil Blatch

Jamie Whincup crosses the line to finish the 2017 Bathurst 12 Hour with a win for the #88 Maranello Ferrari. Photo. Phil Blatch

5.30pm: WOW – can you believe it! 

Shane van Gisbergen's hopes of winning back-to-back 12 Hour titles were rubbed out late in the race when he received a drive through penalty.

Van Gisbergen was running second when he contacted the #51 Porsche entry, and was duly punished by the stewards.

However, things went from bad to worse when Van Gisbergen pushed just a little too hard coming out of The Dipper on the following lap.

He made hard contact with the outside after over steering out of the corner and failed to get the car back to pit lane.

His team mate Maro Engel wasn’t happy about the crash. 

The safety car record has also been broken this year – it previously stood at 15 for the 12 Hour race, while today this most recent safety car has taken it to 16. 

5pm: Whincup takes the lead with 45 minutes to go. 

Racing during the 2017 Bathurst 12 Hour. Photo: LYNN PINKERTON

Racing during the 2017 Bathurst 12 Hour. Photo: LYNN PINKERTON

4.45pm: Just two cars remain on the lead lap as we enter the final hour of the 2017 Bathurst 12-Hour. 

Shane Van Gisbergen currently leads Jamie Whincup by 53.76 seconds. 

Van Gisbergen is due in shortly for his final pit stop, while Whincup has already taken on new tyres and fuel for the final laps. 

As we hit the final hour a fire on the #29 Lamborghini caused a rush in Pit Lane, it was put out and the Lamborghini was sent back out onto the track - great work by the fire marshals. 

With just two cars on the lead lap its cruital for them not to have a safety car in the final hour. 

4.30pm: A record crowd has attended the 2017 Liqui-Moly Bathurst 12 Hour at Mount Panorama this weekend.

The three-day crowd figure of 40,364 is an increase of 8.8 per cent on the 2016 crowd of 37,079.

4.15pm: Did you know? The Bathurst 12 hour was first held in 1991 for series Production cars. It was moved to Easter Creek Raceway in Sydney in 1995 for one race and was then discontinued.

The race was started again in 2007 for production cars before GT3 and GT were added in 2011.

The race in Bathurst this weekend is the 16th 12 hour, with 15 races at Mount Panorama and 1 in Sydney.

The Bathurst 12 Hour was intended to create the original feel of the Bathurst 1000, while providing a unique test in the longer race distance, rather than replicating the 1000 kilometre event.

3.45pm: How fast can you change a tyre?

The #PitStopChallenge is drawing a crowd at the 2017 Bathurst 12 Hour, with a record four seconds for the challenge here in Bathurst, the question is, can you beat it?

3.30pm: We’ve just updated our gallery with a few more photos from this morning and yesterday. Take a look here

3pm: The Dipper has claimed yet another victim today, with safety car number 14 out on the track after a heavy impact incident by the #66 Nissan GT-R. 

Driver Fred Poordad was out of the car and leaning against the wall, though the medical team aren't taking any precautions. 

With still a few hours to go we are sure it will be a record amount of safety cars at this year's Bathust 12 hour. As reported earlier, the record currently sits at 15. 

An early incident involving cars 12 and 22 at the Chase is under review by racing control. As a result of the spin Engel loses about six seconds, and Pat Long lost about four seconds. 

Driver Shane van Gisbergen said it had been a good race so far.

On the weather front there are a few rainfalls out there, but all south of the circuit - for now it's nice and dry out there (and looking like it will stay that way until the end of the race).

2:18pm: An update on the accident at Blaxland for anyone heading back to Sydney this afternoon from Live Traffic: 

Motorists travelling eastbound and westbound are now able to pass the accident using the breakdown lane of the Great Western Highway at Blaxland following a multi-car crash.

Lanes one and two remain closed on the highway in both directions while Police complete their investigation in to the cause of the accident. 

Traffic remains heavy in the area so motorists should continue to allow plenty of additional travel time.

2.14pm: We’ve now had 13 safety cars during this race – the record for the Bathurst 12-hour is 15. 

2pm: Find out what Craig Lowndes had to say about Mount Panorama and the Bathurst 12 hour before the race. 

1.30pm: We're back up an racing at 1.30pm after yet another safety car - the 12th for the race so far. 

This time it was #54 stuck going the wrong way at Turn four after hitting the wall on the way in. 

The restart sees the lead cars on lap 197 with 4 hours and 22 minutes remaining of the race. 

With 4.5 hours to go the top three leaders are #88 Ferrari, #22 Mercedes and #12 Porsche while the Bentley Racing cars are the fastest on the track both sitting in the 2:05s. 

Another safety car earlier for car #42 bogged at turn 22 and before that the safety car was for #5 which was stranded in the gravel at Turn 1. 

And an interesting comparison for you from the Bathurst 12 Hour team. 

1pm: For anyone heading back to Sydney this afternoon, there has been a multi-vehicle crash in the Blue Mountains at Blaxland. 

The Great Western Highway is closed in both directions while police investigate the collision 

Several people were treated by NSW Ambulance Paramedics, before three adults were taken to Westmead Hospital in a serious condition, two children were taken to Westmead Children’s Hospital and four adult were taken to Nepean Hospital for treatment of minor injuries.

You can see live updates here

12.45pm: Have a listen to what Maro Engel had to say before the race. 

12.30pm: It's great to see so many international drivers enjoying Mount Panorama this weekend.

11.45am: We’re half way down … and at the six hour mark this is what the field looks like. Six hours to go. 

In the past 30 minutes the Mark Skaife, Russell Ingall, Longhurst and Glock's BMW found the fence at the dipper. 

It was game over for the team after Ingall hit the wall at the apex at Turn 13, then rebounded into the wall hard on the outside and slid through the dipper.

11am: Safety cars breed safety cars, and that seems to be the sentiment for last few hours of racing, though all looks to be going okay as we write this update and we are hoping they stay racing for a while. 

First up an hour ago it was a safety car for the #2 Audi stuf in the gravel at turn one. 

There were eight manufactures in the top 8 as the restart got untderway for the sixth time. 

Another safety car just a short time later after #37 got stuck mid-circuit at turn 18. With the car sitting in such an awkward position teams were asked to slow down the field.

The race was restarted again with 100 laps completed an 7:33 to go, the top three were #24 Nissan, #88 Ferrari and #17 Bentley. 

A great battle between Todd Kelly and Jamie Whincup kept things interesting between the first two cars and the threat of rain disappeared. Temperatures are sitting at 29 degrees and rising. 

A couple of black flags for cars #12 and #69 before another safety car for car #50 that git the gravel at turn one. 

There were reports from the flag marshals that the bonnet on Russell Ingalls BMW might be lifting, before on one of the fastest most dangerous parts of the track this happened ... 

Whincup in P1 on lap 128. 

10am: The temperature has reached 27 here in Bathurst at 10am, with a predicted top of 37 degrees today you are reminded to take care in hot weather, especially those at higher risk of heat illness, especially if they are older, live alone or are socially-isolated. Remember to;

  • Stay well hydrated;
  • Avoid alcohol and hot or sugary drinks;
  • Limit your physical activity; 
  • Try to stay out of the sun during the hottest part of the day;
  • Wear light, loose-fitting clothing made from natural fibres like cotton;
  • Regularly check your local forecast from the Bureau of Meteorology on your radio, TV or on the internet;
  • Get advice from your doctor about whether your medication and/or your medical conditions may affect what you should do if it gets extremely hot;
  • Make sure you know who you are going to call (who may need help, and who could provide help to you if needed) – make a list of telephone numbers

9.45am: With a safety car on track many of the cars take the chance to pit. And it's not long after a restart on lap 69 that the safety car is back out again - it's getting a few laps in this morning. 

An accident at turn 1 on the restart sees the #75 Audi spun around and collected bu the #94 Mazda.

A black flag for Car 19 and a drive through penalty after it breached safety car restart protocol. 

More time behind the safety car in hour three for the drivers, with a few minor incidents. 

Huge damage to the #35 Aston Martin after an incident at the turn one sends him into the gravel.  

Driver George Miedecke appears to be okay and is in the hands of the medical crew. 

Another safety car straight after the restart on lap 81, after car 22 hit the leader and sent Lowndes into the gravel on turn 23 - a penalty to be sure with car 22 attempting to overtake before the final turn after the safety car exit. Safety car stayed out but the marshals did a great job getting Lowndes out of the gravel and back onto the track, keeping him on the lead lap.

9.15am: We second this! Without the amazing volunteers here this race wouldn’t go ahead. Thank you! 

8.45am: NSW Police have extra resources at Mount Panorama this weekend – and so far say crowds are behaving quite well. 

8am: Some could say it was a quieter second hour of the 2017 Bathurst 12 Hour, but for some teams, it was more hectic than the first. 

The first round of pit stops started during this hour with a number of driver changes as well. It was to be expected, so that drivers can be double-stinted at the end of the race. 

The driving rules for the Bathurst 12 Hour are a maximum single stint time of 3 hours, three car combos of 4 hours 40 minutes and four car combos of 4 hours. 

The Grove Porsche hit the wall at Reid Park sending a safety car back out into the field. 

Green flags are seen on lap 36 as the race starts for a second time. 

The #24 Nissan snagged a spot in P2 at the 1.5 hour mark after an overnight rebuild following Friday's accident. 

With no where to go the #37 Stix McLaren tagged the spinning #47 Lamborghini at the Chase. Both managed to make it around the track with damage to their cars before pitting for repair. 

Suspension damage puts Mostert’s BMW into the garage for repair. Never a good sign. 

Facing downhill at the Cutting is never a good idea, as car #50 learnt the hard way. But Cranston had it underway soon, moving out of the awkward spot he put it into. 

There was some very light rain near Orange this morning, but with the humidity and heat here at Mount Panorama we would be surprised if it even hit the pavement. 

7.30am: Follow the conversation on Twitter or post your photos on Instagram using #B12hr. The #B12hr tag is trending across Australia. 

7am: An exciting start to the 2017 Bathurst 12 hour in the dark with a safety car out for most of the first 30 minutes of the race. 

The #74 Audi hit the wall hard as it came out of the Esses, giving the marshals a challenge to recover the car which sat across the middle of the circuit. 

Drivers took evasive action to avoid the vehicle.

The #38 Nissan hit the #74 on the inside and pitted to fix the damage. 

Green flags were back out on lap 13, with 11 hours and 14 minutes to go. 

Mostert took the lead from Vilander going up the mountain on the restart. 

Car #88 and car #41 were given a drive through penalty after breaking safety car protocol 

Vilander has completed the quickest lap of the race so far with a 2:02:908. 

6.28am: Sunrise, with light on the track bringing a little relief for the drivers. 

6am: There’s a little talk we could see some rain around the track today – we would love to see some rain if it lowers the temperature a little, but we don’t think that’s expected to happen. A top of 37 degrees is expected in Bathurst today. With that outside imagine what it will be like in the cars! 

Weatherzone are forecasting hot weather today. Partly cloudy. Medium (40%) chance of showers in the south, slight (20%) chance elsewhere. The chance of thunderstorms during this afternoon and evening. Winds N/NW 25 to 35 km/h. 

5.45am: They are off and racing for the 2017 Bathurst 12 Hour! With 12 hours on the track today, who will conquer the mountain? 

5.30am: Good morning and welcome to the Western Advocate’s 2017 Bathurst 12-hour rolling coverage.

Check back during the day as we bring you updates from Mount Panorama. 

WATCH THE RACE: To watch the race during the day the Bathurst 12 Hour will have live streaming for Australian and International viewers:

For Australian Audiences, 7Live will carry the live stream of the race on Sunday.

Click here for full Australian Streaming details.

For International viewers www.bathurst12hour.com.au will have a free, live stream on Sunday for international audiences.

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