Opinion | Making more time for family | Chad Russell

LOCK IT IN: Change starts with you.

LOCK IT IN: Change starts with you.

As a business adviser I understand achieving the perfect work-life balance is hard but when you reflect in the future, will you be proud of all those moments you missed with your family because you were too busy or stayed late at the office? I hear it all the time; “I’m just too busy, no one else can do it”… but it can be different.

  1. Make the choice: nothing will change if you don’t choose it. You need to make it important.
  2.  Lock it in: put it in the diary.
  3. Own it: how many times have you let a team member or client book something in over a family event? Be proud of your choice and tell them that you are spending time with the family.

Use the business as a tool to achieve your future of choice rather than controlling your life. To make this happen you may need to make some changes in your business, but remember it starts with you.

Chad Russell is director Business Advisory Services, PKF Newcastle