Bull sharks sighted in Swansea Channel | photos, video

Daniel Poka couldn’t wait to dip his feet in the refreshing waters of the Blacksmiths side of the Swansea Channel on Sunday afternoon.

And just as he was about to, his fiancee Samantha drew his attention to the three sharks swimming towards the rocks. 

But, instead of running away in fear like some would, Mr Poka was intrigued.

“I was like a little kid at the aquarium. I was fascinated by it,” he said.

“It’s not all the time you see things like that happen, well not for me anyway.”

Mr Poka was quick on his feet, grabbing his phone to film the three bull sharks in front of him. By the time he started filming, one had swam away, but the other two were munching on what Mr Poka said looked like the carcass of another shark.

In the video you can hear the shock in his fiancee’s voice as the sharks swim right up to the rocks, just a metre and a half away from where Mr Poka was standing.

He said they stuck around for about three minutes, before swimming back out into the channel.

Since uploading the footage to Facebook on Sunday night, the video has had 189,000 views and counting.

“It’s a bit overwhelming,” he said.

“I’m not using on my phone as much as I have been and my fiancee reckons my head has gotten a little bit bigger.”