Newcastle Herald Short Takes: Thursday, March 16, 2017

AM I the only one who considers the scheduling of junior soccer matches at Easter, in the middle of the school holidays, inappropriate and insensitive? Not to mention the disruption to prospective family holidays caused by this thoughtless decision. 

Eric Roach, Croudace Bay

A POSSIBLE new route at an extra cost of $2 million appears to have been the subject of discussions between council administration, Supercars and Destination NSW and rejected (‘Backtrack’, Herald, 15/3). Interim council CEO Frank Cordingley alleges it’s too late to consider a change. This begs the questions: when was this discussed and, more importantly, when were councillors first informed? The councillors and the community are being treated with contempt.

Keith Parsons, Newcastle

IN our haste to exit John Hunter Hospital, after patient discharge, we left a small bag behind at the Drop Off point. This contained a wallet and phone among other items. After unsuccessful inquiries at several places, I decided to ring the phone. Thankfully, a kind woman answered, from a bench where it had been left, untouched, for some time. She refused to take a reward, and I was so distressed but grateful. It's good to know there are honest people with integrity living in our community. Thank you so much and may you be rewarded in many other ways.

Michelle Ferguson, Jewells

TO Michael Casey (Short Takes, 14/3) regarding council rangers revenue hunting: Just think of the jackpot they will strike when the V8 car races come to town.

Colin Atkins, Wyong

NOW Hanson tells us the WA Liberals were "on the nose" with voters. So was she supporting them? 

Ed Matzenik, Maitland

LOVED Denise Trummel's letter – yes, yes, yes (Letters, 15/3). And the ones who smoke in no smoking areas and throw their butts on the ground.

Sue Fower, Waratah

RECENTLY I was a patient in a public hospital. I received a jelly cup with my meal and on checking the label I found it was a product of the People’s Republic of China. Why does the health department allow something as simple as a jelly to be sourced from China? Surely we can supply Australian products for our hospitals. The next day I did receive a jelly cup made in Australia. This should be every day.

Sue Morrison, Wallsend

SPOKEN like a true East Ender, Tony Padgett (Short Takes 15/3). You are probably one of the privileged elite who is able to walk everywhere, rather than fight for one of the ever-decreasing parking spaces in your area.

Tony Morley, Waratah


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Yes 14.6%, No 85.4%

DO you like thunderstorms?

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