Construction worker David Houston's childhood passion is indulged in Hunter Supercruise

What is your day job?

My day job is a Project Manager working on Civil Construction projects.

 How did you get into construction?

 I always loved to build things when I was a child. Things such as model cars and planes, cubby houses and billy carts. As I grow older I started building beach buggies then cars.  You name it, my brothers and I probably tried to build it and drive it. I was always fascinated in large construction and earthmoving equipment, this fascination and the sense of achievement of setting a goal to build something and the enjoyment of actually completing it got me into construction.

 Have you had any other career phases?

I’ve worked as a civil engineer since graduating from University of Newcastle.

 How did your passion for fast cars develop?

I guess the passion for slick cars developed when I was a child collecting matchbox cars, then it grew when I first got my licence with an old V8 Holden driving to/from school. I had also loved nice cars and this dream has now become reality.

 When and why did you start Hunter Supercruise?

In August 2014, when my wife Maria and I finally got the nerve to actually put our money up to kick of the idea of renting out supercars to customers to actually drive them. We started off just attending car shows showing our 1968 Camaro, however the opportunity for people to not only see the cars but drive them was the reason we started Hunter Supercruise. Most guys decide to build a car, but we decided to build a business that could use our cars.

 What model of cars do you offer to clients?

We offer a selection of cars, ranging from old school American Muscle Car, the 1968 Chev Camaro SS to our exotic supercars a 2009 Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera or a 2013 McLaren MP4- 12C. The muscle car has always been our favourite and appeals to some of the old generation. The Lamborghini is popular for the kids over eight on our joyrides and the wives and girlfriends as a gift idea for Christmas and birthdays. The McLaren is relatively new to our fleet and has had some great feedback as being the ultimate supercar. All our cars offer different driving experience such as V10 All wheel drive vs twin turbo V8 rear wheel drive to our big block muscle car.

 What is your business model?

Our business model is to offer our customers a unique experience. The pure joy and thrill of  riding in a high performance supercar or classic muscle car. We offer our cars for wedding hire, school formal transport and driving experiences. Our objective is to provide the most powerful and exciting cars for customers to experience.

List your intineraries?  

The three-hour Hunter vineyard cruise is based around some beautiful country roads such as Mount Sugar Loaf, up to Cessnock then a quick stop at Hungerford Hill Cellar Door. Through Branxton and down the back roads of Stanhope and Maitland Vale through Morpeth and return to Wickham. Our one-hour hour Newcastle Beach Cruise takes in the Newcastle coast line via, Nobbys, Newcastle, Bar Beach, etc with a photo opportunity at Dixon Park.

 What is the most popular itinerary?

It is always great travelling through the vineyards just before harvesting.

 Have you ever had any famous clients?  Our most famous client has been Toby Price – 2016 Dakar Winner who took our McLaren for a quick trip around Newcastle Beaches and a photo opportunity at Bar Beach. Toby is a great bloke and it is amazing what he has done so far in his racing career, and it is great to see a Novocastrian as number 1 in the world.

 What does it cost to ride in one of your cars?

Our 20-minute joyrides start at $149, with our drive packages from $399 for one-hour or $799 for three hours. We also have a drive and dine package with Scratchelys for $599.

 As a Novocastrian, what is the place that makes you feel most proud of the city?

 The beaches and the country side makes me most proud, and we love showcasing these aspects to our customers who some have never been to Newcastle.

How can Newcastle be improved?

We would love to increase the number of tourists to our region, I see this as one of the main growth areas for Newcastle. We need to improve the whole tourist experience, with improved roads, transport and parking. If we can build a cruise terminal, along with more accommodation, more attractions and things to do, Newcastle could be an awesome tourist destination.

If we can build a cruise terminal, along with more accommodation, more attractions and things to do, Newcastle could be an awesome tourist destination.

David Houston

 Do you support the Newcastle supercars event?

I am for the V8 Supercars in Newcastle, it has been a long time since the city has had any true form of motorsport. We used to have the old motordrome located up at Tomago which was always fantastic to watch the sprint cars, solo bikes and so on.  Newcastle lacks any form of races tracks where car enthusiasts can run their pride and joy, and with the V8 in town this may stimulate more interest in getting a track built in the area.