Electric motorbike to leave Tomago for world record bid

READY: Jon Eggenhuizen with the Catavolt.- Picture by Stuart Quinn
READY: Jon Eggenhuizen with the Catavolt.- Picture by Stuart Quinn

AN electric motorbike crew will swap its Tomago test track for a desert salt flat as it strains for the world record land speed.

Electronics store employee Jon Eggenhuizen built the Catavolt bike for the electric vehicle record attempt at South Australia's Lake Gairdner. It is based on the less powerful version he rides to work in Cardiff every day.

After months of testing on a Tomago property, rider Kearon De Clouet will try to push the bike beyond the record of 259kmh.

Mr Eggenhuizen said he wanted to show that green did not have to mean a lack of grunt.

"I just want to prove it's possible," he said.

"Just because it's electric doesn't mean it has to be slow."

The amateur team made an attempt at the lake last year, but pulled out after a blown engine.

Mr Eggenhuizen said the new Catavolt had been fitted with an electric car-sized motor, which would weigh it down at the start but make no difference once momentum built up over the salt flat.

"We're a bit better prepared this time," he said.

"Going back there, I'm pretty sure most of us have a feeling of unfinished business."

The salt surface means the Catavolt's tyres will need to be completely inflated and fitted backwards to bite into the slippery ground.

The team leaves on March 5, and will be at the lake from March 8 to 12.