Opinion | The Game of Business | Christina Gerakiteys

INFINITE WISDOM: An open door to innovation.
INFINITE WISDOM: An open door to innovation.

Last week I experienced the brilliant mind, charisma and inspiration of Simon Sinek. He is evolving his  project The Game of Business.

It goes something like this:

  • Businesses are either playing in a finite or infinite space
  • Finite businesses have fixed rules and objectives
  • Infinite businesses have no fixed rules, they are playing to keep the business going
  • Finite players play to win and are obsessed with their competition
  • Infinite players strive to be better than they were the day before, rather than to be better than their competition
  • Infinite businesses are building for a cause/purpose/why and operate through their values 
  • Infinite players never lose momentum or their capacity for innovation

As Simon says, “If you live a life built on the infinite, you look for opportunity beyond that which you can measure”.

Christina Gerakiteys is CEO at Ideation At Work and facilitates the Rippler Effect Innovation Program.