Newcastle Herald Short Takes: Wednesday, March 15, 2017

WELL put Linda Mueller (Letters, 14/3). The East End is for all, no matter your address. A very wise man once said ‘I may not believe in what you say, but I will die for your right to say it’.

Shan Murphy, Swansea

MY thanks to Wendy Dillon (Short Takes, 14/3) for clarifying the difference between scripture (SRE) and the option of the ethics classes. Many parents do not wish their children enrolled in state (secular) schools to be indoctrinated with religious so-called “truths”, and so are grateful for the availability of the ethics classes.

Kevin McDonald, Balickera

KNIGHTS and Souths on equal points, plus also equal for and against. Well, after this coming weekend’s game it will be a different story with a South’s victory. Up the Rabbits.

Colin Atkins, Wyong

IT looks like both the LNP and One Nation learnt the same lesson from the WA state election – "lie down with dogs, get up with fleas".

Mac Maguire, Charlestown

TO Michael Casey (Short Takes, 14/3): get your facts right. I live in the East End and the council rangers are rife Monday to Sunday regardless of any events. By the way, if you do the wrong thing you deserve to get caught. Rules are rules that we all have to abide by.

Tony Padgett, Newcastle East

THIS is literally a letter to thank you for the editorial (‘Carnivale a rich celebration of who we are’, Herald, 13/3). In this present world of Trump, UKIP, One Nation murky, muddy xenophobic outpourings it was like a sip of pure, clear, cold, refreshing spring water. Noble statements on paper give heart also when they are published and read.

Will Colley, Blackburn Vic

TO Jamie Matthew (Short Takes, 13/3): rabbits are feral pests and should be wiped out. When you say we should wipe out more humans, I hope you're not referring to me, Cliff the human rabbit.

Cliff Rabbit, Nelson Bay


SHOULD the Bathers Way development go ahead?

Yes 67%, No 33%

ARE you concerned about the impact of heavy metal contamination in Newcastle?

Yes 33%, No 67%

WOULD you vote for Carol Duncan in the council election?

Yes 58.2%, No 35.6%, Undecided 6.1%


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