Bennett is the place to be

The Bennett Hotel at Hamilton will be humming with Irish spirit this St Patrick’s Day.

Action kicks off with a traditional Irish music jam session this Friday from 4pm, rolling into a rollicking evening of modern music with crack local Irish band Shamrock.

The festive theme will continue over the weekend with promotions and the weekly traditional Irish music session on Sunday afternoon.

“The Bennett Hotel has been a focal point for traditional  Irish music scene for over 20 years with our monthly Sunday afternoon sessions,”  owner and publican David McCoy said.

“We’re bringing that forward to Friday on St Patrick’s Day to get people in the mood.

“The flutes, fiddles, mandolins and guitars will fire up from about 4pm and go for a couple of hours before Shamrock take over later in the night and bring it home with some more contemporary Irish classics from bands like U2 and The Cranberries.”

There will be no shortage of Irish beverages available, with the Bennett one of the few pubs in town to have Guinness, Kilkenny and Magner’s Irish Cider on tap, plus Jamesons and Tullamore Dew Irish whiskey available.

“We’ll be running St Patrick’s Day promotions over the entire weekend, so every time you buy one of those products you’ll get a hat or a glass or some paraphenalia,” David said.

Craft and boutique beer drinkers will feel right at home too, with 21 varieties on tap.

Family owned for over 30 years, the Bennett Hotel is located at 146 Denison Street, across the road from Hamilton Public School.  

“We’re the oldest licensed pub in Hamilton and a bit of a sleeper I suppose,” David said.

“We’re proud of our history – we’re a laid-back, traditional-style local pub, which is the perfect place to celebrate an institution like St Patrick’s Day.”