Newcastle Herald Short Takes: Monday, March 20, 2017

REGARDING Carl Stevenson’s letter on One Nation needing the inexperienced (Letters, 16/3), I beg to differ. With the hostile media against her, Pauline needs all the help she can get. David Oldfield was in the NSW upper house for eight years, presumably representing One Nation, and having worked for Tony Abbott, would it not be opportune and an act of gratitude for him now to offer his help to the again emerging alternative political party?

June Porter, Warners Bay 

IN response to John McLennan and the community organising a court challenge (Short Takes, 17/3): I gather you’re referring to the East End residents. Every poll that has been taken shows an overwhelming support of 75 per cent in favour of the event.

Tony Mansfield, Lambton

NUATALI Nelmes, I am so glad that you didn’t get your way to change the Supercars track, it’s fine how it is. Suck it up.

Reg Jones, Waratah West

IF Jay Weatherill is looking for a job after his tenure as Premier of South Australia would he please consider the premiership of NSW? He appears to put the well-being of South Australia's citizens ahead of corporate profits and post politics sinecures.

John Lawton, Belmont

WATCHING the usual wooden-faced models at the Myer fashion parade it was refreshing to see Jennifer Hawkins with her lovely natural smile stealing the show.

Daphne Hughes, Kahibah

VALE cartoonist/journalist Bill Leak. In equal proportions an “educated and learned” man, when so sadly today many in the fourth estate are so much the former; but so less the latter.

Howard Hutchins, Chirnside Park, Vic

SO it's finally out. In spite of what many have written on this page the Liberal party does support cutting penalty rates.

Colin Fordham, Lambton

MALCOLM Turnbull’s idea to expand the Snowy River scheme is fantastic. I can recall a chap by the name of Steve Barnett suggesting some months ago this exact same thing only on a grander scale. All the wasted monsoon rains should be put to use in exactly the same way as the Snowy Mountains scheme works. Imagine the employment and the new world this would create through central Australia. Mr Turnbull is on $500,000 a year or so, Mr Barnett maybe $50,000 a year. What is going on with these overpaid and un-achieving and unimaginative politicians?

Brad Hill, Singleton

TO Dave McTaggart (Short Takes, 18/3) up the mighty Knights. I’m in my twilight years, 85 in July, I pray for one more premiership. This rabbit is house trained and unlike the native wombat never eats roots and leaves. Happy with a devon and tomato sandwich and a cup of tea.

Cliff Rabbit, Nelson Bay


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