Opinion | False start for potential rentals

OVERNIGHT PIT STOP: Some are already flagging their interest in accommodating those who want to get their backside trackside.
OVERNIGHT PIT STOP: Some are already flagging their interest in accommodating those who want to get their backside trackside.

TREAT yourself to a holiday. Rent out your home, apartment or house during the Supercar event. Go on a holiday and make a profit at the same time. Sounds sweet.

Watch the bank account swell with the dollars from fans of Supercars wanting to park their backside trackside.

Supercar Homestays. Complete with special ‘Privacy tape’ to ensure guests do not access drawers or cupboards or rooms they are not entitled to enter.

I guess ‘Privacy tape’ keeps the privacy tapes out of the hands of youngsters.

But by the time I looked at the website – supercarhomestays.com.au – I was greeted with an announcement that there had been a Supercar Homestays Withdrawl (sic). Perhaps that’s one withdrawal not resulting from a poor interest rate.

What was that whirly-whirly that blew through last week? Seems more than a tad strange that someone thought they could offer a service providing a “platform solution for dwelling owners” sprouting the Supercars logo, but hadn’t sealed the deal with the Supercars intellectual property guardians. 

Was it the premature speculation of an over-enthusiastic tech-entrepreneur or the sloppy amateurism of a rogue noobie who hadn’t got the legals properly sorted. Dream-crushing details.

I can understand someone wanting to have a crack at setting up the Supercars Homestays. Seems there are some serious Superbucks to be made renting out dwellings in November and locals are having a dig on Airbnb.

A “fabulous terrace surrounded by beaches and harbour” boasting an “award for excellence in design”, offering three bedrooms and claiming to accommodate eight people is a steal at $6519 for check-in on November 23 and an exit on November 27. With just one dunny available, you’d want to be well acquainted with the other seven guests. Garth’s review states “parking is on the street and you can always find a place close to the terrace”. Lol. 

There’s also plenty of apartments on offer for the Supercars weekend.

 For those in strata buildings in the Newcastle LGA who find the constant comings-and-goings and partying of Airbnb users intolerable, it’s worth knowing that providing tourist and visitor accommodation in a residential property is considered a change of use from residential accommodation and requires development consent under the NSW Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

A Newcastle council spokesperson said council's Regulatory Services team investigates allegations of unauthorised land use, while Development and Building officers assess development applications for proposed developments, including change of use. Residential property owners can submit an application to council for a change of use to tourist and visitor accommodation at any time.

Bed and breakfast accommodation can also be approved as complying developments through private certifiers.

 A NSW parliamentary inquiry recommended changes to the approval requirements for short-term accommodation, and local councils are awaiting these legislative changes amid the rise of tech-based, short-term letting services. 

The expression “short-term accommodation”, as used in the State's planning system, is not specifically defined.

If the legislative changes occur, it may be a boom for short-term accommodation, but it’ll be a bigger boon for the legal profession.