Newcastle Herald Short Takes: Tuesday, March 21, 2017

YOU could be forgiven if, on turning the TV on recently, you thought you had been in a coma for a couple of years. There was “Malcolm in the middle” smiling from ear to ear claiming his government has got the ideas and “money” for a $2 billion thought bubble. A good idea Malcolm, yes it is, but you’re about 15 years too late. The last I remember from you, we were broke and clean coal was the answer. I suppose we can live in hope of what you come up with next.

Allan Earl, Thornton

I’VE now seen it all. A sticker on a car saying “can't eat coal, can't drink gas”. Well, the car you’re driving is made primarily from natural resources and it is powered by natural resources. The phone the driver was on is heavily reliant on natural resources. Most of us get to and from work using a similar means of transport. Don't get to work; no pay, no food. So maybe these people should throw the phone away, walk to work and save the public from hypocrisy at its finest.

Brad Hill, Singleton

I WOULDN’T be surprised if Newcastle has the race stripped from them and they move it elsewhere. Time to move forward with positive energy about the race and let’s showcase what we have here in Newcastle.

Michael Rootsey, Maitland

TOM Edwards suggesting a young couple (first-home buyers) only need a two-bedroom house is surely a joke (Letters, 20/3)? Does it occur to him that they may be buying their family home and planning to have two or three children? Or does he think it is feasible to buy again and pay all the fees when they have a family in a couple of years? Also, a two-bedroom house is hard to sell.

Bev O'Hara, Hamilton

WOULD the government please put Veteran Affairs in charge of the Kokoda Trail? I think those running it now have lost the plot. It is too important to our war history to be messed up.

Barry Spaulding, Cardiff

THE idea being thrown around by the left for a living wage to be paid to all regardless of participation should be treated with the severe contempt. How dare these people embrace an idea that thousands of Australian including proud indigenous soldiers gave their lives fighting against? These men and women gave their lives in the belief that the generations that followed would work hard to make Australia the greatest country on earth.

Steve Barnett, Fingal Bay

THANK you Tony Mansfield (Short Takes, 20/3) for pointing out the result of the polls but have you considered how many of the pollsters live in the East End?

John McLennan, Charlestown

TO Tony Padgett (Short Takes, 18/3): Hey Tone, any chance I can park at your joint when the Supercars are on? Don’t like Supercars, just want to get to the beach. Lol.

Tony Morley, Waratah


SHOULD the councillors fight the Mayfield bowling green sell off?

Yes 57.35%, No 42.65%


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