Newcastle Herald Short Takes: Monday, April 17, 2017

WITH shark attacks the media always reports a great white or bull shark or any shark was responsible for the attack. Do sharks actually know they have a responsibility? I think not. Humans have to be realistic. It’s Easter time. The mullet are spawning in their thousands, bream, luderick and the Australian salmon will follow. These species are jellybeans for sharks. This cycle will repeat this year as it has for thousands of years. If you are entering the water over the next few weeks, you are part of the food chain – it’s nature at its best and we have no right to control it. I will be out fishing and taking film from my kayak and sharks are welcome to be the stars of the show.

Steve Barnett, Fingal Bay

I'M urging all the residents of Hillsborough to attend a meeting on the footy oval at Hillsborough on Tuesday, April 18, at 8am about the problems of getting in and out of there. But I'm also asking the councillors involved to come down Hillsborough Road to see how hard it really is to get across.

Colin Geatches, Mayfield

DON’T be ridiculous Keith Parsons (Short Takes, 14/4). If Steve Barnett thought East Enders were all "bludgers or druggos" he wouldn’t waste space implying, he'd tell you straight. When you say most East Enders will stick to their guns are you implying they will go as far as disrupting the race, even if that costs the community?

Dave McTaggart, Edgeworth

I SAY this with tongue in cheek after five wins from 50-odd games; the whining Knights supporters have to come up with another excuse. Maybe as a point of difference they can blame the Supercars.

Brad ‘Bulldog’ Hill, Singleton

OVER 21,000 people went to watch a losing team on Friday night. Well done Knights supporters. 

Bill Slicer, Tighes Hill

MEMO to Knights chief executive: option plan (b) – give Lower Hunter team a run, you will save millions of dollars and gain two points. What have you got to lose?

Michael Casey, Merewether

I TOTALLY agree with Robert Crosby (Letters, 15/4). However many viewers would be unaware that the show was actually recorded months before being aired. After discussion with the producers about whether the segment should be shown, Zeke Smith made the very courageous decision to go ahead. His reasoning was the hope that if even one young transgender person gained courage from what happened it was worth it. To see the disgust that Jeff  Varner's action generated and the support given to Zeke by his team members and viewers was heartwarming. I thank Zeke for making what must have been a very difficult choice.

Ann Ellis, Merewether


ARE you looking forward to the completion of the Warners Bay works?

Yes 85%, No 15%

DO you avoid the roads during Easter holidays?

Yes 90.91%, No 9.09%


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