Sydney photographer's snap of Stockton Beach goes Instagram viral, 1.6 million likes

A BUNCH of mates, a 4WD and the vastness of the Stockton sand dunes have captured the attention of more than 1.6 million Instagram users.

While on a road trip to Port Stephens in March, Sydney photographer Pat Kay snapped an aerial photo of himself and four friends standing on Stockton Beach at sunset.

“I was inspired by the vastness of the Stockton sand dunes and wanted people to experience the epic scale of this place with me,” Mr Kay said.

My Kay shared the photo on his Facebook page and Instagram account, @pat_kay.

It is on Instagram that Mr Kay’s photo has gone viral.

On his own Instagram page, the photo has received more than 16,000 likes.

The photo was reposted by Instagram on its own account, which has 219 million followers. As of Wednesday, the photo on Instagram’s account had attracted more than 1.6 million likes and 6000 comments.

In real terms, that figure is the equivalent to the population of Adelaide City and surrounding suburbs.