Topics: Councillor Allan Robinson sneaks Singo's Meat plug into A Current Affair segment on Lord Mayor Nuatali Nelmes

SINGO’S on notice, Newcastle jockey-turned-councillor Allan Robinson wants cutlets this week.

In case you missed it, that venerable bastion of television journalism, A Current Affair, traveled up the M1 last week to square off with the city’s embattled Lord Mayor, Nuatali Nelmes, over her $40,000 credit card bill.

We’d heard they were in town, and though it had been a while since we last delved into the world of miracle diets and dole bludgers, we were quite buzzed to see the results.

We’re glad we tuned in.

The four-minute segment was a classic of the genre, complete with ACA veteran Brady Halls pursuing the “mint-slice mayor” down the driveway of her Merewether home to the tune of Lionel Bart’s Food Glorious Food, before hitting up a few confused-looking punters in Wheeler Place for their thoughts.

The real star of the segment though was not Cr Nelmes (pronounced Nel-mes, according to host Tracey Grimshaw), but Cr Robinson, whose outrage (e.g. “It’s disgusting to think that someone walks out of the office to pay for coffee when we have all the coffee-making facilities in there) served as the narrative thread holding the whole masterpiece together.

We were slightly distracted from the content though by Cr Robinson’s choice of attire during the segment.

Newcastle's greatest modern-day jockey (a declaration, in 2001-02 he rode our Dad’s horse, Mighty Pete, 11 times for a tidy 4-0-2 return) has long spruiked for wholesale butcher Singo’s Meats alongside another of Newcastle’s sporting heroes, Jarrod Mullen.

So when we spotted Robbo sporting a Singo’s polo shirt, we were a little concerned.

Was Cr Robinson seriously cheapening the ACA brand by including an advertising plug in its editorial content?

Thankfully, he’s assured us it was not a deliberate move, but that isn’t going to stop him claiming a little extra from his endorsement.

“Definitely not, it just happened,” he told Topics.

“My wife just told me to wear that shirt.”

The eponymous butcher though was apparently thrilled at the exposure, and Cr Robinson says it might be time to up his appearance fee. 

“[Singo] gives me sausages for doing the ads, he’s a mate and I help him out,” he said.

“He loved it, he got four-and-a-half minutes on Channel 9, so I think I deserve more than sausages this week.

“Everyone else has been saying ‘you’ll be getting cutlets this week’.”

For those who haven’t been religiously following the vagaries of Newcastle politics, Cr Nelmes has been in the spotlight after her credit card bill revealed lavish spending on things like car washes ($185 for one visit to Cnap car wash in Kotara ) and lunches ($480 worth of food at cafes such as Juicy Beans, Baked Uprising and the Burwood Bench).

Cr Robinson took one more swipe, telling Topics that Singo’s was “the only shop she never used the card at”.

From father to daughter 

SOME parents set up trusts, others start a scrapbook.

But one sibling of a Newcastle Herald journalist (we’ll protect their anonymity to avoid embarrassment) has taken the step of reserving a Gmail address for their soon-to-be-born daughter.

The idea, apparently, is to get in quick to avoid being stuck with some annoying combination of numbers after your address.

If kids today are anything like we were, though, we’re betting she’s going to want to opt for something a little more creative.

Our first email, bizarrely, was zinger233, the result of some weird preternatural obsession with KFC that, on reflection, was shared with at least 232 other Hotmail users.  


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