Newcastle Herald Short Takes: Wednesday, April 19, 2017

TO Neville Aubrey (Short Takes, 18/4): It’s absolutely amazing that you were not able to shop on Good Friday. Last time I checked there were seven days in the week and if you’re not happy with this Australian tradition, there would be numerous countries that could suffice your shopping needs.

Brad Hill, Singleton

THE actions by North Korea in pursuing their nuclear weapons is a threat to the whole world. The United States is sending a Naval Battle Group to the area. Where are the ships from the rest of the world? Why are they not sending naval vessels? Australia relies greatly on the US for military support. Why have we not sent any ships?

Darryl Tuckwell, Eleebana

NEWCASTLE Jets lambs to the slaughter once again. If they had had half of the Sydney FC players they might now be holding the Premier’s Plate. When are the powers that be at A-League HQ going to realise we want to watch a level playing field of players?

Sue Burrough, Carey Bay

THE island once boasted the community of Texas. Now Carrington can boast another claim to fame and most appropriate, I feel, in its champion saddle maker. Local identity Barry Wade has won first prize in the Royal Easter Show. Congratulation comrade.

Neill Pitt, Carrington

ABOLISHING negative gearing won’t just affect wealthy multi-home owners, it will hurt many like myself who have worked hard for their one family home. The value of our homes will fall as investors leave the market but there will be no decrease in the price of over-60s housing, which is where I'll be buying when I sell. Someone please tell me I’ve got this all wrong but it seems to me that once again the ageing lower middle class will be biggest losers.

Dave McTaggart, Edgeworth

ATTENTION John Clarke. Your audacity, arrogance and aloofness is unforgivable. The effect of your passing is inexcusable. You don't realise how my study of NZ and Aussie humour has been prematurely interrupted. I relied on you and Bryan Dawe for my weekly hit of real humour. You were unique. How dare you die. RIP.

Lee Craddock, Warners Bay

THE 'low income' affordable homes planned for the rail corridor is a sneaky trick to get us used to housing there. Then, later on, the big developers will be given free rein.

David Rose, Hamilton

WELL said Neville Aubrey (Short Takes, 18/4). Don't know where you get your information about Christians being a minority, bit suspect. You and your non-Christian mates should not be restricted in your shopping for a Christian holiday. I am sure you and your mates worked on these days for non-penalty rates, on principal of course.       

Kevin Miller, Windale


DO double demerits change your driving?

Yes 46.3%, No 53.7%

WILL Kieran Foran play for the Knights?

Yes 30%, No 70%


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