Newcastle Herald Short Takes: Thursday, April 20, 2017

STEVE Barnett of Fingal Bay says he’s a goose, while Brad Hill of even more distant Singleton implies I’m a turkey (Short Takes, 18/4). Perhaps they’re confusing Easter with Christmas. The thrust of my Short Take (14/4) was that they appear to have very little knowledge, understanding and apparently concern for the very serious problems created by Supercars for East End residents. Don’t buy tickets unless they’re refundable.

Keith Parsons, Newcastle

THE Treasurer and Prime Minister stated in Parliament that Australia's economic situation was the envy of other countries and that local businesses profits where the best for years. So businesses should receive tax cuts, whilst the lowest paid workers will have their penalty rates reduced. Who will be next? Pensioners, care workers? Welcome to Malcolm's vision for Australia.

Gerry Mohan, Shoal Bay

HERE’s a motto for United Airlines: Welcome Aboard, just don't get carried away.

David Davies, Blackalls Park

JETS again engaged the rotating door for coaches. Are the Knights ready to engage the mechanics on their doors? Can’t blame coaches. The players are holding the ball.

Michael Casey, Merewether

CONGRATULATIONS Damon Cronshaw  (‘Medical errors swept under the carpet as victims suffer’, Herald, 19/4). A very informative article and well worth a read. 

Trish McKay, Cooks Hill

I AGREE with Lee Craddock (Short Takes, 19/4). Vale John Clarke. He will be sadly missed by many. I loved the Bryan Dawe tribute on ABC on Monday. My favourite segment in this tribute was when the New Zealand wool clip didn’t yield the profits it should have. So, Fred Dagg and colleagues were trying to reattach the fleece to the sheep in order to get a better price the next year. This antic was inspired. Thursday nights will no longer be the same.

Les Field, Wickham

HOW about affordable housing for homeless or single parents, not people who could possibly get a decent loan on their wages?

Donna Norris, Glendale

THE Newcastle Jets should appoint Donald Trump as their new coach. He would only be there eight weeks and have the opposition blown away.

John Keen, Gateshead

TO Brad "Bulldog" Hill (Short Takes, 17/4): The Bulldogs are known as the fight and bite club. Instead of fans snacking while players fight for victory, the fans fight while some players bite. The Knights have won their previous two grand finals, how did your team go? I raise my glass ears to the Knights.

Gerard "the white Knight" Mullit, Hamilton South


DO you support the affordable housing plan?

Yes 35%, No 65%

IS a bigger recruitment budget needed for the Jets to make it into the top six?

Yes 95%, No 5%


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