Newcastle Herald Short Takes: Friday, April 21, 2017

IF essential workers, such as nurses and teachers, were paid like non-essential workers, such as car salesmen and financial advisers, they would not need affordable housing on the former heavy rail corridor.

Graham Boyd, The Junction

MITCHELL Moses (and many others) wants to break his contract. Why sign one if it is not honored? The opposition wants a new Brexit referendum in England. Will they have another go if they do not get what they want? Similarly with Mr Trump in the USA. Voting could go on forever.

John Maxwell Hollingsworth, Hamilton

SO Newcastle council is being asked by the revitalised NSW government to get on board with HDC, dip into unused funds, and help with affordable housing development on the former rail corridor. Seriously? At this critical time, council should focus on their core business of building a decent street circuit for V8 Supercars. 

David Bennett, Hamilton

HOW fantastic not to have the unsightly overhead wires – if only they could now get rid of the tracks on the road. Maybe use rubber tyres instead of metal wheels.

Joan Browning, Newcastle

I WAS referred to a specialist for prostate cancer, who has sent me for a MRI scan which will cost $450. I have contacted my medical fund to be notified I do not receive any rebate as Medicare do not cover MRIs for prostate cancer. No wonder people can't afford to go to the doctor or get appropriate testing due to the costs and no rebates offered. Shame on you all.

Daniel Andrushak, Waratah West

I THOUGHT Colin Geatches was just joking when he said he hoped America doesn't bomb North Karuah (Short Takes, 18/4l). But now we hear the fleet Trump said he sent to Korean waters was actually just north of Australia. Could be a serious worry for Karuah, the Americans are notorious for their poor knowledge of geography.

Ed Matzenik, Maitland

THE Store building is well past its use-by date. I worked for a company in it 17 years ago and took part in a short-lived market a few years ago. There is nothing worth saving inside and the facade is in a poor state. I would love to see a modern building integrated into the transport hub. The position does lend itself to high rise. Thirty stories, lets go with it. But please make it a building that is not an ugly concrete tower. There are so many beautiful modern buildings around the world. Let’s build one in Newcastle.

Ann Ellis, Merewether

MR Parsons (Short Takes, 20/4): You seem to have a lot of knowledge and understanding about the V8 Supercars race in Newcastle, so can you tell me when tickets go on sale as I want to be the first in line?

Craig Swan, Kotara South


ARE you glad the light rail will be wireless?

Yes 88%, No 12%

ARE 30 affordable housing units enough?

Yes 23%, No 77%


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