Isobella and Prue Fraser in London nightclub acid attack

HUNTER sisters Isobella and Prue Fraser have described the moment they survived a horrific acid attack in a London nightclub which has left both of them with burns and another 10 people with a range of injuries.

The pair had been enjoying a night out with friends at the Mangle Club in East London on Saturday when a fight broke out nearby and they attempted to retreat.

“It all happened so quickly; I was thrown over this fence and onto my stomach and then felt this horrible pain on my arm,’’ Prue, 20, told the Newcastle Herald.

“It took a couple of seconds to realise what was happening and I thought it was some kind of attack.

“I just looked for my sister.’’

Isobella, visiting her Chelsea-based sister who had been working in the UK for seven months, said she had turned her back to get away as the fight, involving people they did not know, broke out.

“I felt what I thought was all this water down my back, like someone had spilt a drink, and then I couldn’t breathe,’’ Isobella, 22, said.

“I could smell something, like a cleaning product, and I thought what is happening, are we in the middle of a terrorist attack.’’

Isobella said the “water” began to burn on her back and someone started yelling they had been hit with acid.

“My whole top had melted onto my back,’’ she said.

The sisters said they had heard others may have lost their eyesight in the attack.

Seven News reported authorities did not believe the incident was terrorism or gang related but the result of a dispute between two groups of people in the club.

Two other victims, both men in their twenties, were in a "serious but stable condition", police said in a statement.

A London Fire Brigade spokesman told AFP an "unknown corrosive substance" was thrown after a fight broke out.

The sisters initially went home and contacted their parents, Malcolm and Sharon Fraser from Whitebridge, before heading to hospital for treatment.

Both were treated for burns – Prue for injuries to her arm and Isobella to the injuries to her back and arm.

Both are grateful they escaped more serious injuries.

“There are people a lot worse than us,’’ Prue said.

Mother Sharon said her daughters were a little embarrassed about the amount of attention, especially after their cousin Tori van de Stadt had hit the headlines herself after suffering horrific injuries in a hit-and-run motorcycle accident in Bali late last year.

“Now it has all settled down a little bit, the girls are feeling bad because what they have experienced is nothing like what their cousin has had to endure, and they are getting the attention,’’ Mrs Fraser said.


A DOZEN people have been injured in a suspected acid attack at a London nightclub overnight. 

British police are investigating the incident, which led to a mass evacuation of the venue Mangle in Hackney. 

Hunter sisters Isobella and Prue Fraser have identified themselves as among those caught up in the incident.

“I couldn’t breathe, I thought we were getting gassed, I thought it was a terrorist attack,” Isobella told Network Seven on Tuesday.

The pair have taken to social media to reassure their family and friends in the region.  

“Still so in shock from this,” Prue, a former St Pius X student, wrote on social media.

“Isobella and I are fine, we are so lucky as it could have been much worse.”

British media reports two men in their 20s were in a serious but stable condition after a dispute between two groups led to an unidentified substance being sprayed in the area. 

More to come.