Bonhoeffer play reprinted

A PLAY written by Newcastle resident John Henry Queripel about Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a German church minister who was executed for trying to depose Adolf Hitler, has sold so well that it has been reprinted.

The play, Bonhoeffer: Prophet and Martyr, was published early last year by a California company. Queripel, a retired Uniting Church minister who moved to Newcastle in 2016 after serving his church role in places including Wauchope and Singleton, was intrigued by the passion Bonhoeffer and people close to him, including members of his family, showed in working to have Hitler removed.

As a detailed essay by Queripel that accompanies the published script reveals, Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s pre-World War II study tours to the United States and Britain and his meetings there with resident ministers, reinforced his belief that Hitler had manipulated German church officials so that their doctrines reflected his policies. Bonhoeffer was also concerned that Hitler had so denigrated Jewish people that most churchmen turned a blind eye to them being imprisoned in concentration camps.

Bonhoeffer and others found themselves in similar situations, brutally treated in prisons and facing execution. Bonhoeffer, 39, was hung just two weeks before Russian forces took control of the prison where he was being held, and three weeks before Hitler committed suicide to avoid being taken captive at the war’s end.

To order copies of the play contact Queripel on or phone 0402 078 865.