Accident on purpose

FISH OF THE WEEK: Sally Burns wins the Jarvis Walker tacklebox and Tsunami lure pack for this "accidental" mulloway hooked in Newcastle this week.

FISH OF THE WEEK: Sally Burns wins the Jarvis Walker tacklebox and Tsunami lure pack for this "accidental" mulloway hooked in Newcastle this week.

Sally Burns  fired on Newcastle Harbour  Wednesday night, reeling in her “accidental” Fish of the Week mulloway against all odds.

“I’m not even sure how it happened,” said Sally who had been targeting bream with a size 3 sinker and a 1/0 hook and 10-pound leader.

“I had all the odds against me, I was under gunned, I shouldn’t have been able to reel him in with the set-up I  had, but he just took my bait and ran.

“Forty minutes later he was a fish out of water.  If it wasn't me telling the story i wouldn't believe it either.”

Easter offerings

The Easter holidays got anglers out en masse.

Eight-year-old Hudson Grodzki landed a 60cm salmon on Stockton Beach on Good Friday and according to dad Andrew, you still can’t wipe the smile off his face.

Bernard Law headed up to Scotts Head for the Easter weekend with son Sam and caught a 20kg  Spanish mackerel.

“It was the biggest fish ever to venture into the ‘outlaws  boat’," Bernard reported.

“After a 30-minute fight ‘Sam the Man’ got the big fish into the boat. My dad [Boota] couldn't believe it.”

The mackerel was caught on a 35lb line with live bait.

Lachlan Clement landed his first ever flathead over the break, a lizard measuring 48cm hooked near Belmont.

Meanwhile, young Talen Cummings caught two nice mullet in Lake Macquarie on a fishing trip with his dad and pop.

Snapper blitz

Geoff “Kanga” Ruse from Freddys Fishing and Outdoors at Broadmeadow reports heaps of snapper on the move off the coast.

“Quite a few blokes have been getting reds off the reefs and rocks,” Kanga said.

“We’ve been seeing fish between the 45cm to 55cm range off the rocks which is very encouraging.”

“Lure fishos have been having a ball with things like the Z-man and Boom baits, combining them with Pro-cure  scents.”

Pro-cure scents come  in a gel form and are a very effective addition to your lure-fishing armoury, according to Kanga.   

“It comes in a bottle and will last you a year,” he said.

“They’ve got all sorts of types of scents, each with real fish in it.

“Blokes have been using a lot of mullet and squid scent to get the snapper, tuna has been working well too.”

Running game

Mullet, tailor and salmon are on the move at the moment.

“Guys have been spinning tailor up with metal spinner and duplexes – a heavy diving lure which you can throw a mile,” Kanga said.

The tailor have been coming off the beach, breakwalls and in the lake.

In fact, Freddys fishing expert Todd Miles “of Smiles”, has been bagging out this week.

“There’s a lot of flathead about but you have to cover ground,” Kanga said.

“Whiting and bream continue to go for the Vibelicious lures.”

Kanga reckons the Vibes are walking out the door and if you’re keen to have a go, the guys at Freddy’s will give you a quick lesson on how to use it.

“Basically, it’s a just a cast out then a slow draw up off the bottom, just enough so you feel it kiking, that’s why they call it a Vibelicious because it’s  vibes.

“Combined with the scent and you’re just about guaranteed to catch fish.”

Lure of jew

As our Fish of the Week winner indicates, there are mulloway about.

No surprise really with the fresh and the tailor, mullet and salmon running.

Pilchards and livies work just fine but for your lure types, Kanga recommends  big Vibelicous, Storm Rip Shads, Storm Rip Curly Tails, 8-inch Z-man in the jerk shad and the trusty Storm Wild Eye Swim shad.

“I’ve heard of a few good ones this week but not as many as before Easter when it was really raining,” Kanga said.

Meanwhile, freshwater fishos have been revelling in the glorious conditions up country chasing bass. The weather has been amazing and the fish have been active.

Teralba news

Teralba Fishing Club spokesman Ian Guy reports the club kicked off its  2017-2018 season the weekend before Easter with many  members weighing in bumper catches from both offshore and inshore fishing locations.

The club will hold its presentation night for the season just past on Saturday Saturday commencing 6pm for 6.30pm at Teralba Bowling Club. 

“So please make sure member and guests are booked in with president John on 0412 684 381 for this great dining extravaganza and presentation of awards,” Ian urged. 

“A good time for new and current members is to meet socially at our club raffles on Fridays commencing 5.30pm. 

“Also member and guests should be aware of the special fishing club members draw conducted after every weigh-in event so there is plenty of incentive to be or become a member of our fishing club.”