Newcastle Stop Whingeing - the new video by Rob Bukey

Rob Bukey rapping in Newcastle.
Rob Bukey rapping in Newcastle.

Newcastle comedian Rob Bukey is back with a hilarious new video titled, “Newcastle Stop Whingeing”.

He dubbed the video a “protest song about protesting”.

“Newcastle stop whingeing because the way you carry on, you got me cringing,” the lyrics say.

“Show some pride and quit bitching, get your chest puffed out like a pigeon.”

Bukey continues: “We whinge and complain and cause an outcry.

“Bring back the rail line, bring back the fig trees. Bring back the good old days and BHP.”

Rob Bukey rapping at Nobbys.

Rob Bukey rapping at Nobbys.

He also takes a shot at opposition to the Supercars race.

“What’s with all this V8 hate, mate. Let me get this straight, the only thing louder than the V8s is your complaining.”

It follows his 2012 video titled, “Newcastle, This Place is Pretty Good”.